Tuesday, April 29, 2008

one week of danger = not very long. apparently.

according to the virgins, one week of danger is not very long.
thought i`d throw that in, even though it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with today`s post.

so aSOoS has been tagged [le gasp!] by the whimsical nerd:) & by the lovely ladies at r.o.f.y..
because steph is just slightly more than a little busy at the moment, i step in to take on the daunting task of fulfilling the tag duties.

Here are the rules:
1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules in your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers' blogs letting them know they've been tagged.

so we`re already linked to both the blogs that tagged us; i`ve mentioned the rules...
& here are my six quirks.
[1] i`m a bit obsessive-compulsive. [a bit is quite the understatement.]
-numbers must be odd, especially on the volume. i set my alarm clocks to ODD numbered times. i must do things in odd numbers. i will leave the last piece of cereal in the bowl if it cannot be joined with the other pieces in odd numbers on my spoon. i calculate if the time is an odd number. [note: there are twenty-seven asterisks in the lines that are separating each section of this post.]
-drawstrings on hoodies must be EQUAL length. collars must either both be UP [in that dorky cool way] or DOWN [in the normal way]. sleeves must be rolled up to the same length. pant legs must be cuffed exactly the same length. the only thing i don`t mind is hair that is asymmetrical. both steph & i have asymmetrical haircuts...i think if i minded, i`d cut my own head off.
-doors & closets & cupboards must be closed. i cannot stress that enough.
[2] i`m a severe arachnophobe. i hyperventilate & cry & shake & my heart pounds...all that good stuff.
[3] i`m quite long-winded when i don`t need to be. it comes from reading all those damn long books with the descriptions that take up more than half the book...i enjoyed those, actually.
[4] i sucked my thumb up to the age of nine. my family tried everything to get me to quit: pepper on my thumb, gloves, sticking it in bitter melon until my thumb looked all pruney ... nothing worked. absolutely nothing. i finally managed to quit b/c i stuck my hand under my pillow & slept on top of it. now sleeping on my hand is quite the problem with me.
[5] i once ate a whole tub of ice cream on my own. 4L of ice cream. then i realized that 'o my goodness, there`s no ice cream left...' & 'did i eat that all on my own?' what can i say? i used to be big on the ice cream. now it`s all about french fries.
[6] i memorize all my favourite movies & tv shows. to the point where i use movie lines in a lot of my real life interactions...you won`t get it unless you watch the movie, but i don`t mind. it`s apparently a 'boy' trait to have, but i like it.


5 Things found in my bag:
[note: assuming this means bag i would bring to school...which also includes the things featured in my purse, but i separated them.]
i) laptop & cord
ii) pens/pencils
iii) paper or a notebook
iv) lip balm
v) lotion

5 Things found in my purse:
[note: assuming this means 'the things i would have in my bag minus all my school stuff.]
i) make-up kit
ii) ipod
iii) cell phone
iv) camera
v) lotion

5 Favorite Things in my room:
i) my bed :)
ii) my books!!!
iii) my mirror ;]
iv) my phone charger :0
v) my closet, regardless of how messy

5 Things I've always wanted to do:
i) publish something else
ii) learn photography
iii) visit italy
iv) have children :)
v) do a photo-shoot. a real one.

5 Things I'm currently into:
i) NBA playoffs :)
ii) wearing a pedometer & attempting to have 20,000 steps per day
iii) blogging. & having a lot of things to blog about.
iv) enhancing my natural waves
v) fruits - both people & the ones that grow on trees/bushes or in the ground

5 Impressions of the Whimsical Nerd, who tagged us:
i) she has an amazing wardrobe. i want her wardrobe. seriously. & her hair.
ii) i enjoy reading her blog, b/c the way she writes is simple but fluent & easy to read.
iii) the yummy-goody story. awesome. love how she tied it in...to talk about shoes.
iv) she`s a student, like any of us! procrastinating when she should be working, feeling nonchalant b/c school is almost over...etc :)
v) she finds interesting things to blog about : health issues in clothing [skinny jeans are NOT bad for you, i think.], anorexia/bulimia in fashion, etc...


- the miscellaneous place [jellofer]
- annie is my alias [annie]
- pandora`s closet [roxanne]
- strawberry kitten [nadine]
- the capricious club [bestie]
- art geek & fashion freak [lala]
& ANYONE else who wants to do these. you`re more than welcome to.


today was theme tuesday!
finally, a theme tuesday with a THEME!
the theme was to wear all of ONE colour. different shades were okay, yes, but ultimately, one colour.
unfortunately, it was too cold to go without a jacket and sweater, but i chose blue :)

went down to the beach after playing basketball with my boyfriend & another close friend, so this is my outfit pic for the day...

wow, excuse the stupid look on my face. it was bright & sunny. & cold.

black theory jacket: gift
white cardigan: pacific mall, 2 for 30$ deal
blue t-shirt: designer depot, 4$
blue skinny jeans: stitches, 25$
blue socks [not shown]: gift from my grandma
blue tommy hilfiger sneakers: the bay, 20$ (on sale/employee discount)

how do i get those darn salt/water stains out of my shoes? :S

the boyfriend & i, sharing a moment :) we look high, but we`re not.

some more random pictures...
yesterday, hanging out with my best friends...

us: "rawr".
we`re so cool.

my cousins, for the heck of it!

during a really random 'photo-shoot' of myself, after having enhanced my hair`s natural waves with a bit of curling... [those of you with me on facebook will recognize some of these]

cheesy pose :)

kind of blurry, sorry.

SH! i`m trying to keep a secret.

i have a less-scandalous version of this picture, where my shoulder is covered...but this one is pretty darn nice.

i hope this was enough to suffice for the significant lack of posting both steph & i have contributed to this blog.

love, hugs, coffee & summer-time;
-jae, SOS


Nadine said...

Ooooh you look so cute with your boy :).

Wendy-May said...

draw strings on hoodies - i'm the same! infact i used to pull my mates down all the time or if one had blown over his shoulder I would move it back down,much to his annoyance!x

Belle said...

Great blog, I love it. Do you want to trade links? Thanks for the gossip girl website, I found last weeks episode on Youtube :D. You sound a lot like me with the quoting of movies and shows and the ice cream.

August said...

I like your shirt you're wearing in the last pics. Is it tie-dye?

a side order of style said...

nadine - thanks hun :)

wendy-may - ohhh my friends would purposely mess their collars up, just to annoy me...they also turn their hoods inside out, to see me panic & fix them. then, they call me 'mom'. :S

belle - sure thing, hun :) i`ll put your link up right away! & the lure of quoting things is so hard, especially when the situation is SO easy to relate the quote to!

august - i bought it at urban outfitters on sale for three dollars; it`s a guy`s shirt, but it was 3$CAD. :)

-jae, SOS

Secret Diary said...

cute blog girls!

jellofer said...

hooray! theme Tuesdays!

Awww...I love couplely photos, you and your boyfriend look so cute together! :)

a side order of style said...

secret diary - thank you :) we`re trying our best :)

jellofer - theme tuesday is back, even if school is DONE!!! & thank you! i love taking couple-y pictures...especially if there`s people around...it always seems to piss them off or make them uncomfortable. i`m such a meanie that way :b


Natasha said...

cute photos! glad you liked the tag. :)

a side order of style said...

natasha - thanks :) & i love tags. you should see my facebook O_o..or my livejournal.


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