Sunday, May 4, 2008

have mercy on a poor soul

okay, okay.
i suck.

i missed several posts, & have been missing several posts for a while. the changes in weather have not been kind to me, & i get super horrible headaches.
as well, i lost one of my memory cards for my camera.
just a horrible way to start my summer vacation.

other things that make the beginning of my summer vacation slightly horrible-r is...


no names mentioned, but some random guys have been trying to add me on facebook. now normally, if i don`t know them, i`ll say 'hi, do i know you?' in a message to them, just to see if i may know them but just don`t recognize the name they use on facebook.
lately, i`ve been getting a lot of 'i think you`re pretty' & 'i want to date you' & most recently, some guy who says he knows me, he saw me walking around with my boyfriend at my school & he wants to talk. he gave me his cell phone number & [wait for it ---] it`s my BOYFRIEND`S number.


so i, of course, was weirded out.
a) because this guy is already ON my friend`s list (i don`t remember adding him) &
b) b/c he has my boyfriend`s cell number.

it`s so weird.

what should i do?
i don`t know!
what would you do?

confused & slightly upset by it all,
-jae, SOS


jellofer said...

How scary!! Interestingly enough, I've been Facebook free for almost 1 year...Yep. I deactivated it to stop all the NOSY people I hardly know but who are on my list (you know, the ones you meet once, my cousin's friends who went to high school with me, etc etc) from prying into my life. Yes, I actually knew people were talking about me through information on my Facebook. Pretty sad, huh? That and it managed to create and blow up so much DRAMA that I couldn't take it anymore...

But your situation...Definitely VERY VERY creepy. Maybe you should delete him??

Annie said...

i agree u should delete him, or cant u change ur privacy settings for him or sumthing. cuz thats super creepyness.

oh haha sorry i jus combined u all into one for my tag impressions.

a side order of style said...

jellofer - i would love to delete him, but the problem has gotten worse so i`ve limited everything he can see on my page. i think it`s easier for me if i keep him on my list b/c then i can track what he`s doing. we`re planning on calling the police on him, b/c he`s stalking two of my other friends.

annie - deleting him would be great but...see above. & as for the tags, it`s all good :)

-jae, SOS

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