Tuesday, March 11, 2008

theme tuesday

we at SOS do strange things. not all the time, of course, but we have our moments. we are, after all, university students, &, in the spirit of university students, we have to do something to keep our brains from melting in the stress of essays, lab reports, tests and all that good stuff.

so we introduce to you: THEME TUESDAYS.

basically, every tuesday, we choose a theme to dress up in.
it`s a simple concept, non??
last tuesday, it was "school girl". today was "80s nerd".

isn't it great?

obviously, there will be pictures up in a few hours [i`m currently at school & didn`t bring my camera cord or anything, but when i get home, pictures will be a total yes!].

so photo update later...check.


stephanie & natasha will begin blogging soon too! obviously, being an avid livejournal-er [both a personal livejournal & a sports blog in need of serious updating], i`m going to be putting up a lot of these kinds of fillers in the event that they can`t post.

but have no fear, this will not be the jae show!

[ADDED @ 10:21PM]

here`s steph, looking superiorly 80s nerd in her white collared shirt, tie & thrifted grandpa vest.

mm. twinkies. :)
& here`s myself, eating a twinky & looking entirely geeky with my side ponytail [tied with a scrunchy, no less], bright yellow polo, high-waisted jeans & converse chucks [which were totally not in during the 80s]. for the remainder of the day, my completely-buttoned collar was popped, in a kind of geeky-nerd way. it was awesome.
yellow polo: old navy [my dad`s]
high-waisted jeans: parasuco [thrifted]
scrunchie: my mom`s

here are steph`s amazingly amazing tasseled shoes :) i want a pair of these!

& yesterday`s outfit, just b/c it kind of was nerdy in a cool way...

black cardigan: pacific mall [15$]
white collared top: suzy shier [7$, on sale]
scarf: ardene [5 items for 10$ sale]
jeans: bluenotes [gift]
slightly too big for me, but love them anyway purple converse high-top chucks: foot locker [65$]

on a final note: this is my hot boyfriend.

isn`t he delicious?

-jae, SOS


lalaliu said...

awww i love your theme tuesday idea! so cute, love the nerd. i love nerds. i am a nerd. hehe :D

MR style said...

it looks like you and your friends and your boyfriend are havin fun !! sweet moments

a side order of style said...

lalaliu - it`s pretty much one of our greatest ideas ever :) & dressing like a nerd is a lot of fun. just showing the inner me on the outside. :)

mr style - we definitely have way too much fun. somebody has got to stop us one day! but nobody ever can :b


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