Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fashionable late? Or just lazy?

I would love to say I just planned to be fashionably late on my input here, but Jae would probably vouch for the latter. In my defence I’ve been pretty busy job hunting (horrible) and school (equally horrible). First time to write a blog entry like EVER, so forgive me for any blogging faux pas.

So here is what I wore to my interview to mexx on Tuesday ... ok horrible picture of what I wore but it was pretty boring... just envision black skinny dress pants and a white yoke top and black plain top. So on the upside I did get the job. So no more job hunting! Down side Totally need to go shopping and fill my closet with black, since it’s the dress code there, I would usually be happier to have an excuse to shop but being broke sucks the joy out of the whole process... UPSIDE is the 50% discount, yes you read right 50% off! down side I`m still broke.

So next blog expect music...

YES this is how I wish to win your love. Just deciding on how I'm going to upload it... AHH and once again I'd like to state. 1st blog entry ever so excuse the all over the place thinking. BUT expect spectacular things in the near future. BWAHAHA

Simply Steph, SOS

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