Sunday, March 9, 2008

a weekend spent cleaning...

[the blog`s first real post! excitement!]
this weekend, unfortunately, was dedicated to cleaning my room.
i enjoyed seeing exactly how many pieces of clothing i have [they`re all inconveniently piled in my closet, which is threatening to bury me every single time i slide it open], & i realized that i haven`t spent enough time looking through my clothes.
the sad thing about canadian winters is that they are far too cold to wear anything other than bulky sweaters, jeans that can fit in boots and many, many sweat-inducing layers. far too many of those. and yes, this winter, with its veritable slew of winter storm after winter storm, is no exception. i have been left craving [that`s right, craving] spring. i`m not normally a spring person. i dislike spring, because of the appearance of all things creepy-crawly. but i can`t stand how i`m unable to dress in anything that`s...well...nice.
so this spring, i`m definitely going to take advantage.
armed with my new hair [thanks to stephanie and our friend kim], i`m determined to turn this spring into my spring.

so without further ado...

this is what i wore to clean. just plain things. sorry the photo is dark, but my flash messed up on me and this was the best picture i got.
- forever21 [$7]
skirt - smart set [on sale for $6, originally $30]

what i wore to church today. all grey and purple, my favourite! i wore it with my dusty-pink-silver heels, which are not in the picture. please excuse the weird expression. [i wasn`t sure if my camera was taking a picture or not.] [& ignore the mess. evidently, my room cleaning is still in the works.]
purple tanktop (not visible here) - nevada, gift
purple mock-wrap v-neck shirt - limited, gift
grey & purple wrinkled button-up
- gift from australia
purple bow belt - gift
grey slacks - suzy shier [$20]

this shows some more of the details on my shirt, as well as the bow:)

the belt, up close. i love that belt, by the way. my friend sheena gave it to me because she didn't like it. got the bow to stop flopping by safety pinning it up.

my bracelet, which i got for my birthday.

so now to brave the rest of this week, and hopefully come up with something good to wear!

& just on an added note: i don`t really love capitalization, just because i`m a lazy student whose time is taken up by msn messenger & facebook. capitalization does happen in my life [like the first post on the blog], but for all the nit-pickers out there, i don`t do much capitalization. i realize that not many people will care, but i know that i get nit-picky about weird things & it`s bound to happen that somebody will notice & point it out. :)

-Jae, SOS

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