Sunday, March 16, 2008

better late than never...

so i know it`s late, but i just got home so i`m going to make up for it by blogging as much as possible in one entry.

today i decided to 'interview' one of my little brother`s friends. his name is joey d, & he`s almost like a younger brother to me. he`s probably one of the most cool high-schoolers i`ve ever met. he`s a pretty stylin` kid.

[joey, sixteen and charmingly adorable!]

[the way his scarf & his hoodie clash is awesome. it looks so cool!]

anyway, on to the interview...

[background on the interview. joey went thrifting and purchased his supremely awesome sweater recently - as seen in the pictures - so i thought it would be a good idea to talk to him about thrifting and things like that, because we all love a good thrift.]

where did you go thrifting for that?
the value village at markham and lawrence
[right by where he lives]
oh yeah? how often do you go thrifting there?
every month, at least one to three times.
no, i go with my friends.
so that`s all you got the last time you went? what do you normally get?

i got some more stuff, but i have no money right now so i couldn`t get more. usually i get sweaters, shirts, rarely shoes...because when i go, i always go on the crappy days so there`s no good stuff. i go there for anything. when i see what i like, i get it. hoodies or shirts mostly.
so that awesome sweater was pure fluke?
yup :)
i like it.
thanks :)
what influences what you wear?
i try to wear what others don`t wear, because i really don`t like copying.
so when the scarf was the 'in' thing all of a sudden this year, did it bug you?
yeah, it bugs me because it became this huge trend.
ah. yeah, i guess it would if you wanted to be more or less 'one of a kind'.
what about colour? any preferences?
no, as long as it looks good...except i have to be careful because not all colours go with my skin tone. i have to be careful what i choose. but if i could, i`d wear all sorts of crazy stuff....i`d wear pink.
pink? really? *giggle*
yeah. i would. i think it`s kind of sexist because society chooses what colours you`re allowed to wear, but i think it`s cool to just wear what you want.
do you think you`d enjoy dressing up more if you were a girl? i mean, girls get a lot of different choices because they can even dress like guys if they have to. you think guys have less choices?
i think i`d have to agree that girls do have more choices, but if i could go back and choose what i was going to be [a girl or a guy, in other words], i wouldn`t really care. i think that i wouldn`t care if i had to choose.
what`s the worst thing you`ve ever had to wear?

i would have to say it was when a girl made me put on a skirt. *self-deprecating laugh*
so you`re okay with your uniform then? [white collared shirt, grey pants, navy blue sweater]
no problems with it. not really.
do you tweak it then? with scarves or other things?
i do...but then i do get in trouble for it. it kind of bothers me.
you think it`s worth it, to get in trouble for expressing your style?
yeah i do think so. i try to look through the regulations and outlines for the uniform, so that i can try to go along with it but add my own touches.
they don`t notice at all?
no they don`t, do it`s okay.

they changed the uniform lately and limited your choices a lot - what do you think of that?
it bothers me because i saw how the older grades had a chance to show their style more freely. it limited us a lot. especially because style nowadays is media-driven and nobody dresses differently. everyone wears their kind of preppy clothes, with the abercrombie and fitch and things like that.
you think when you finish highschool, you`re going to be WAY OUT there & just dress however you want first thing? or will you be more of a gradual change from the uniform colours to a brighter spectrum, like me?
i think i`m going to be more out there. throw off the molds.
how about your friends, are they more like you - building their own style - or are they crowd followers?
i have friends who love thrifting, and some are more conformists to what the media portrays.
so in a way, are you influenced by the media too?
i try not to be, but it does happen, to be honest. it`s hard not to be.
what do you define 'style' as?
i would is what`s really inside. what you`re feeling is what you`re expressing. like you`re wearing your feelings on the outside.
that`s pretty deep, man. are you always that deep?
do you think people label too much? you have your 'preppy' and 'gangster' and all those...are they correct, or are they matters of trends?
i think labels are you could be dressing preppy, but you aren`t preppy. i do believe we shouldn`t have to label people because they could get offended. and also, there are stereotypes that come along with labels, and those could be pretty offensive too.
people talk about how guys who dress nicely, like they clean up well and carry their clothes well - they say they "must be gay or something". what do you think of that kind of mentality?
why should that person care about other people`s opinions? it`s society shaping how guys should act, what they should wear and what not. i believe we should all be unique individuals.
of all celebrities, models, etc...whose style is their actual style and not a stylist`s or a trend? who inspires you in that way?
i don`t really pay attention to the don`t have one. :)

joey is a really cool kid - outspoken about things, for somebody who is in high school. i know a lot of kids in high school really just want to fit in, so to be outspoken about not wanting to fit a mold is great. (i`m still allowed to say that because i just got out of high school.) even though it might seem like he`s your typical scarf-&-hoodie-type of guy, joey actually has a lot of crazy style. keep an eye out for him because he will be on the blog again. :)

speaking of thrifting, earlier the past week, stephanie & i went thrifting. i have yet to dry clean the skirt [a zara skirt, in perfect condition] & the shoes have been worn, but not broken in yet [they are gorgeous]. i will have pictures as soon as possible, as they are amazing.

what i`ve noticed lately is how mommies dress their children so much better than they themselves dress. i`ve noticed it quite a lot. today`s fashionable child is a little girl whose name is precious. she`s almost two, & her mother dresses her in cute little dresses and does her hair in pigtails...i thought she was worth a mention, because who can resist a little girl in a cute little dress? [i let her smack me in the face, in that way that little kids love to do. it`s because i can`t say no.]

here she is, as cute and fashionable as ever. don`t you love what she`s wearing? long live the age of the fashionable children.

& of course, more stylish and fashionable people..
i present to you, regine, sweetie and kristen.

regine - her entire outfit was bought at an outlet mall. a 2.50$ shirt, a 1$ belt, 5$ jeans and 5$ platform shoes...this girl is always rocking a lot of colour.

sweetie - a perfect grey combination today, with a cute white short-sleeved turtleneck and the grey dress over it and the lighter grey knee-high socks over the dark grey tights [can`t really see it in this picture] & the heather-grey flats [she changed into these dark brown boots, just to change it up]. so cute!

kristen - so not the greatest picture of her, because she wasn`t looking & everyone was distracting her, but kristen always dresses impeccably. i especially love her vest & tie!

anyway, until tuesday, i leave you with this thought, a la joey d...
wouldn`t it be nice if everyone stopped conforming to society and just wore what they felt inside on the outside of their bodies?

-jae, SOS

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