Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Get off you Arse and Dance!

was going to talk about the versatilities of huge tees but I've been in a upbeat dancing mood and decided to save that one for later... So here I am sharing some of the songs I like to move to.

Nuff talk lets Dance!

Pop, Lock and Drop it - Ham Burgaz Remix

Just PLD (pop lock and drop it) Ham Burgaz style... i.e techno/rap-along style mentioned before.

Time bomb Beck

What does he say at the very beginning? It really sounds like hes saying "F*ck a headphone", to that I say no thank you. Could it be plug a headphone?

She’s Good for business MSTRKRFT

" you gotta shake it with you, you gotta shake it with me" isn't that enough reason to dance. Such poetry, such logic you just gotta shake it!

ApotemnophiliaDandi Wind

Apotemnophilia is a medical term for an individual with the sexual fetish or paraphilia of being an amputee. Who knew? I wouldn't have guessed from the lyrics, mainly because they aren't really decipherable. but who really listens to lyrics when there dancing?

Still fond Cut off Your Hands!

non techno, possibly indie? Don't know how to describe this, but I'm still fond of the song. bwahaha awful joke...

Sweet temptationLillix

synthesized girl pop. need I say more?

Discotech Young love

"me and my crew came to get down" I mean what white boy can get away saying that? isn't that reason enough to listen to it. cute pop song.

Tonight We have to Leave it - Shout Out Loud

A cute medley, I dont know how to classify this, other then awesome? maybe legend... wait for it, hope your not lactose intolerant because the next word is .... dary. (a how I met your mother reference for all you who watch it and actually read this...)

Hope these songs got you dancing in your seat.


- Steph , SOS
random factoid: pictures were done by moi in like 10th grade.


Mademoiselle Bariolée said...

really cool haha ... i'm glad having vacation so i was able to go dancing tonight =)
nice blog!

Jaiden_James said...

Thank you very much your blog is very intresting aswell

Bocadelobo said...

oh my
thanks a lot!
i'll make something
about you
very inspiring ur blog!
i'll visit and comment it always!
thanks a lot for the comments, i made it :)

Dennis said...

Oh, thank you very much. That's so nice of you. :)

I like this blog...

Take care! :)

amber at painfully hip said...

omg, i love dandi wind! they're from vancouver! I saw them blow the faces of a tiny crowd in a dive bar quite a few years ago. i love your blog! you are SO totally blogrolled.

The Clothes Horse said...

The pics are very cool.

a side order of style said...

Mademoiselle Bariolee - hey, thats great to hear! dancing = love

James - thanks =)

Bocadelobo - that shirt was awesome! very inspirational, perhaps i'll try my hand at making one!

Dennis - you are way too modest, you have an aweeesome sense of style and you must get compliments all the time!

Amber - I love their energy, oh too jealous you got to see them! oh too proud that they're Canadian. & I must announce I love your blog too!

The clothes horse - Thank you, made them a long time ago and felt it was finally time to show'em off. no point hiding them in my computer.

stickyart said...

Fabulous! Dance music is the best. My coworker has some of these songs on his ipod, we have a very upbeat cubicle life.

I really like your designs too, you were pretty with it in 10th grade! Right on with the wristband and leggings.

a side order of style said...

stickyart - your office sounds fun, I mean I'd hate to have someone that would make me sit in silence all day, or make me listen to some easy listening station. Dance is where its at =)

greeny1235 said...

do you like fasion clothes i like the blog

greeny1235 said...

love the blog

Cassidy said...

Do u like style or somthing???

a side order of style said...

greeny1235 - thank you =)

Cassidy - Why no Cassidy here at SOS we do not like style WE LOVE STYLE. style being a distinctive manner of expression. So we believe everything can be served with a side of style.

Annie said...

mstrkrft ahh. when i want to dance i like to listen to neon knights as well.

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