Friday, March 14, 2008

.Blogging Galore.

[ March 14, 2008 ] Hey.. Natasha here. Yes I am the last one to be here and major apologies for it too. Like steph this is my first time blogging, and I am très très excited...hopefully I can make a complete fool out of myself in here, after all it is the best way to learn right? [I can already see the great start I am making ]

This is me, this yellow dress..... Ladies and gentlemen, at first it was not so appealing but I knew that it had to be tried on...and voila it was fantastic [with major convincing from steph] . So I had to purchase it, and guess what! it was a whopping $6.95 [amazing bargain ] . This is why Goodwill is one of the greatest stores ever [one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure] . The shoes are pretty old, it’s from Aldo, and no it was not a bargain. But see those fishnet stockings, they were also today’s purchase and it was 2 for $20 at the bay. I had to get it. Wake up one day and add fishnet stockings to your outfit...and tell me how sexy it makes you feel. I mean everyone is different and it is totally normal to not agree with me, but trust me when I wore them I felt like I was the queen of the world [it only lasted for 2 hours, then I took them off ] . I would love to totally go on with my fishnet stocking ranting but to relief you from the torture I shall move on to the more basic purpose on SOS.

[What’s my purpose on SOS] = I am the HOW – TO girl, you shall learn some very random but useful ways to make your life better [hopefully] . Get ready, next week I will share ways to kill zombies with you all and it will make your life much easier [when we will be under attack ofcourse] . Trust me, maybe not tonight, but later on.......

With mucho love
Natasha M.


Camilla said...

The yellow dress looks really cute! :)

greeny1235 said...

the baby is so cute

a side order of style said...

greeny1235 - isn`t she ? she`s adorable & really chubby so when you hug her she`s all fluffy haha. i almost missed you comment because it was on natasha`s post, but it`s all good in the hood :) thanks for reading !

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