Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rating: 3 dirty needles out of 4.

Watched this at TIFF yesterday, really cool that David Cronenberg was there for a Q&A, made the 20 dollar ticket hurt a little less... Thanks TIFF! Seriously, $20 dollars and I still had to watch ads from Bell and Samsung?

I digress, the movie definitely stimulated the senses with a lot of needles and blood, on a great backdrop of Caleb Landry Jones pale skin. I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed all the ladies squirming beside me while I salivated at all the needle close ups while they were subcutaneously piercing in a bunch of arms/faces. The film was chock full of uncomfortable skin peeling shots that kind of reminded me of black swan (with the nail cutting and blood in contrast to pale skin). It was pretty great. David Cronenberg, you so messed up.

Without divulging too much, the film is about a culture obsessed with celebrity, so much so that people pay to be infected by the same afflictions too be closer to their fave celebs. Caleb Landry Jones' character, Syd March, is an employee of one of the big companies patenting the celebs cooties and giving them to the highest bidder. Syd deals with the crazies that are celeb obsessed and makes some money on the side by infecting himself and selling the infection on the black market. UNTIL SOMETHING GOES VERY WRONG! < End scene > The movie successfully made me disgusted at the worship of celebrities. So much so, that I promise to punch the next lady in line at walmart I see buying a celebrity magazine, so help me God! This has gone too far! Free Britney/Lindsay/Kanye!

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