Saturday, September 10, 2011

2011 and I'm still a prick.

I don't drunk text, I'm over that. That-was-so-Bold-9700-ago, I'm on some new world droid shit.

Auto-correct prevents you from sending sober coherent messages, never mind when you're heavily intoxicated. I'm an adult now, I just speak honestly and express how I feel wholeheartedly with the people I'm with...Isn't that fucked up? Who have I become? Sammy from jersey shore (as if you wouldn't immediately associate 'Sammy', with the Jersey shores sweet heart?).

Woke up feeling worse than a hang over, I had to deal with the mess of purged emotion.

I'm going to have to blame Barney for putting so much importance on sharing emotions - should have watched more Sesame street. Maybe if we weren't set like time bombs to word vomit feelings, facebook would be bearable to look at... Maybe we should all become writers, Y'know, paper and pen writers. It's too easy to share emotion. If I want to hear about it, I'll pay for it.

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