Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From the Archives

So I shuffled virtual papers and found this post in the archives. Written in a pretty scummy male tone, the only way I'd write - if only my Dad passed on that y-chromosome. Enjoy!

has anyone told you you're a great kisser?

See what I did there in the former line? Started off with my favorite "ice breaker" if you will. This usually gets you:
a) making out in under 5 minutes
b) stiffed with a number, but that's alright. You'll stiff her the second time around.

I have never gone wrong with this line. Under the right conditions it can do wonders. The right conditions being a place that is brimming with alcohol or any other intoxicating substance. i.e Bars, house parties, weddings.

In these scenarios you have a girl ripe with excuses to do something "bad" so the next day she can gawk to all her friends that "it was so unlike me" or "I was soooo drunk". And I know what you're thinking "Well if these ladies are so drunk/easy then no wonder the line works so well". Well this line is there for when you're tired of using 'Wanna fuck?'. Now hold your fucking thoughts for two seconds while I explain the beauty of this line.

Why it's so endearing, is this:
a) You get them thinking of making out
b) You're posing a question. Making them think you give a shit about what's coming out of her mouth. Therefore letting their guard down from your scummy tactics.
Feel me?

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