Sunday, May 16, 2010

How to get over Rusi him

The following is full proof, and tested. Formulated on the blogs two week hiatus. Rusi-who?

1 - Rebound

This cannot be stated enough, rebound, rebound, rebound. Key in forgetting, lash out your emotional defects on some poor vulnerable shmuck and use them as your emotional tampon until you've completely forgotten about so-and-so. I particularly like to partake in the weak doormat types, y'know the kind that apologize all the time and apologize for this polite tendency. I also work towards using those that are lower on the hotness scale, they usually take more abuse, because we're all superficial individuals with insecurities. Focus on their insecurities, and you'll forget about yours. Repeat this step as needed.

2 - Drink
Drink or Toke it out, whatever works. This may aid in drowning out whatever your rebound is droning about, or your friends messages of intervention and worry about your 'self destruction'. The more time you spend passed out equates to less time thinking about the cunt that broke your heart.

3 - Flaunt
Don't be lame and Flaunt party pictures on Facebook, flaunt wisely. Get your friends to post the pictures and tag you. Be sneaky about how you get your Ex's attention, use alternative routes, like having his best friend know that you're looking great. If you have a hot rebound, don't be afraid to parade it.

Music: Because its better than the shit you're listening to now.
Lift Up The Wicked Technology (Deadmau5 vs. Daft Punk vs. Moby vs. Chris Isaak vs. Milow vs. Thomas Gold) - DJ M.i.F (official website)
Juliette n'est pas morte - Sterehoes (myspace)
I drop hold - Black Lips, Meter head remix (myspace)

You're welcome,

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Rusi said...

Whoa whoa, the war is over we can hook up now... hate is not the answer. But, I can't disagree with the benefits of drinking, drinking is a must.

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