Friday, April 2, 2010

Did you miss me?

Some women come up with the most ridiculous questions. Sad to know men fall prey to these traps everyday...

"Did you miss me?"
In the legal system, the term for this would be entrapment. But for men, this is just everyday shit they have to deal with. How the hell can he say no? (well without having her hold her lady parts hostage from him, that is.) When all is said and done, the girl comes crying to her dearest friends about how he was such a dick for leading her on. And being that dearest friend, you want to tell her "well that's what you get, posing rejection proof questions". But since women just aren't built to take the blame, as a good friend you go ahead and blame the guy too. He didn't have a chance in hell.

"Do I look fat in this?"
Did you expect a truthful answer? I mean no matter what reality is, the answer is going to be no, followed by a "you look (insert ego boosting adjective here)". The worst part is when the woman follows it up with a self deprecating comment. I mean, Fuck off then, you got your heart set on an answer. Why are you setting the man up for failure? God, I hate that I'm grouped together with the likes of you.

"Do you think she's hot?"
Ha, it's like women love to put any relationship with the opposite sex in jeopardy. I mean guys go either way, butter a girl up and say "of course not I didn't even notice her". Or go the honest route and tell her yes. Either way, bredren been set up. I mean some guys might think "oh yeah, my girl is cool she just wanted to know." Well lets hope so, but as a girl with many girlfriends, I see what goes on behind the scenes. After you said yes to how hot the other girl was, she's rambling to all her friends about how you had the nerve, or with conspiracy theories of you cheating. How cool is she now? And if you said no, she feels she can't trust you, because you lied to her.

Moral of the story, to the women, stop setting him and yourself up with these questions. And If you insist on doing it, don't come crying to me, I absolve myself from any responsibility towards the matter. To the Guys, you're fucked.
/end rant

Something to wash the rant down with
Magical World feat. Nelly Furtado - Bassnectar (official site)
Baby I'm Yours ft. Irfane (Jacuzzi Hi-Dive Remix) - Breakbot (myspace)
In For The Kill (Le Castle Vania Remix) - LaRoux (myspace)


Bockin said...

Fishing for comments is far too common place these days. The need to be complemented upon by a friend, family member or even boyfriend/girlfriend is pretty standard these days. Little did I know (Being Male), the other side suffers just so much as the male counterpart does in this effective dive into irrelevence. Color be suprised, but I always thought that the chick who actually AGREED with my girlfriend about my 'being an ass' was, well, evil and maniacal, when obviously she was setting herself up to be complemented when the man intended not to comply. Loaded questions hurt everyone. ;-;

Kid Vincent said...

I never miss any girl, girls have cooties.
All girls look fat if they're wearing clothes.
All girls are hot if I'm not dating them, just keep them away from me.

I am queestion proof!!! Now GiMME A BLOWJOB.

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