Thursday, March 11, 2010


When you're bored and broke, you can fully appreciate having a bunch of friends that don't mind making a scene with you. You can further appreciate that your aforementioned friends don't read the blog - so now you have the perfect place to upload their photos without protest to take it down. With this in mind, I'll be making it top priority to upload these ridiculous photos here, once a week. This will allow me to do away with the constraints of the English language, and keep you updated just the same.
Highlights of the past weeks:

I'll be working on more amusing photos, or more amusing friends. We'll see how it goes.

this post is a part of the Quantity over Quality initiative.


janettaylor said...

What a funny post!

Brian said...

Funny enough to Sub., I must admit. You are quite the comedian. XD

smalltownchic said...

great post! i love your blog!

gant jackets said...

Love the pics! Funny post!

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