Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer: Things to Do

A friend of ours recently embarked on a two-month long exchange in Europe, namely Russia and Siberia (yes, that's right, Siberia). We made a list of 100 dares for her, to be sure that she made the most of her trip. Nearly the 100 mark, we started struggling to think of anything innovative and interesting, so we tried handy Google. Alas, there wasn't an already-existing list! And that brings us here.

Dear readers, the following is a list of dares - some funny, some silly, a couple possibly dangerous - for you to do this summer. You can pick a month, a week, or the entire summer to complete them whether you travel to Europe, somewhere exotic, or are just staying home. And if you are staying home, we totally encourage you to play tourist in your own city. It's fun, promise! Carry around a camera and don't be afraid to look silly!

1 - No complaints. Every time you complain you have to kiss the nearest person to you, be it the person(s) you are travelling with or a homeless man. YOU MUST.

2 - Kiss a stranger - man or woman, we're not picky.

3 - A picture a day, that sums up your day.

4 - Eat something new every 2 days. Photo evidence is appreciated, hunt for something new.

5 - Tell a stranger a secret

6 - Tell anyone your life story

7 - Make a decision and choose the other option

8 - Try to convert the Mormons to Anna-ism

9 - Go skinny dipping

10 - Sleep outside

11 - Sleep naked

12 - Take 3 shots of vodka in the morning one day, before you do anything.

13 - Don't talk for 3 hours and don't explain why to anyone before, after or during.

14 - Sing a Spice Girls song in public

15 - Start dancing with someone in public (preferably a boy)

16 - Eat something purple (that is not organic)

17 - Create something and take a picture of it

18 - Introduce yourself to someone under the name Cherry

19 - Incorporate the phrase "That's what she said" once every day

20 - Dress up, just because. make up and everything (take a picture)

21 - Lick someone

22- Find a new and exciting band

23 - Go east.

24 - Stay up all night

25 - Wear all the same color (no neutrals!

26 - Touch the cheek of someone you just met

27 - Hug an animal

28 - Do something dangerous

29 - Do the robot

30 - Go barefoot

31 - Hitchhike

32 - Roll down a hill

33 - Make lemonade

34 - Ask a stranger if they believe in angels

35 - Listen to someones life story

36 - Flirt with an ugly boy

37 - Hug a child

38 - Lay on the ground and watch the sky

39 - Speak another language for one whole day to everyone

40 - Dance in the rain

41 - Give an article of clothing away to a stranger

42 - Play an instrument that you don't already know how to play

43 - Play spin the bottle

44 - Start a game of soccer

45 - Meditate

46 - Watch the sunset and rise on the same day

47 - Flirt with someone of the same sex

48 - Have a picnic

50 - Build a sandcastle

51 - Walk around in your underwear

52 - NO shaking hands, hug everybody you meet

53 - Hold hands with someone while you sleep

54 - Stay out all night

55 - Say "Yes" to everything one day

56 - Learn a magic trick

57 - Compliment someone new each day

58 - Tell someone about all your fears

59 - Climb a tree

60 - Give someone props

61 - Write the name of everyone you ever loved on your arm

62 - Write a secret on a napkin and leave it there

63 - Do something that scares you

64 - Have someone paint or draw a picture of you

65 - Serenade someone

66 - Attempt to talk in a British accent

67 - Let the waiter order for you in the restaurant

68 - If you hear the word "twist" you must break out in the twist

69 - Whenever someone calls out your name you must respond in an accent

70 - Ask people what their favorite song is and insist they sing it out for you

71 - Make up a dance move and call it the "insert-your-name-here"

72 - Flash someone

73 - Go ghost hunting

74 - Play beer pong

75 - Play truth or dare

80 - Give a stranger a piece of advice

81 - Wear someone else's clothes for a day

82 - Go on a date with a local (or, if you're staying local, a complete and total strange)

83 - Use a corny pick up line with someone

84 - Play strip poker

85 - Ask a stranger for advice

86 - Tell a stranger to buy you a drink

87 - Find a man resembling Santa and take a photo while sitting on his knee

89 - Introduce yourself to someone as a gangster thug from Scarborough, or somewhere else of your choice

90 - Let a friend make every decision for a day

91 - Don't wear underwear

92 - Prank someone

93 - Try a different kind of cheese

94 - Play a game of would you rather

95 - Say something mushy at least once a day

96 - High five someone on the street

97 - Teach someone something new

98 - Try raw meat

99 - Order something not on the menu

100 - Be part of something bigger than yourself.


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jae said...

i do the "that`s what she said" thing. every single day.
i believe i`m beginning to annoy people with it.

ess elsie. said...

YES I LOVE THIS LIST SO HARD. ahh time to convince my friends to go do stuff with me. esp number 20.

May Kasahara said...

love this list.
raw meat and alllll * * *

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