Monday, June 15, 2009

Mix monday: emo throwback

Today's Mix Monday is dedicated to a time where Taking back Sunday, My Chemical Romance and The Used monopolized my mix CDs. Where a misguided Steph would write ridiculously maudlin lyrics on her msn name and think this was socially acceptable. A terrible terrible time to dwell upon, but that was so 5 years ago and I soooo haven't done the msn thing since then.

Brand New, they still hold the title of favorite band in my heart.

Brand New - Soco Amaretto Lime

Really loved the dramatics of My Chemical Romance back then. Their current music, not so much. I want to use the word revolting for their newer stuff but that might be a little to strong. Or maybe that's just the word that would best describe my contempt for their current fanbase... Or both
My Chemical Romance - Helena
My Chemical Romance - This is the best day ever

Like MCR The Used fed my need for melodramatics in my music. It also sounded cool to respond with "let it bleed" or "bury myself alive" when people asked what I was listening to, or so I thought. stupid emo kid.
The Used - Bury myself alive
The Used - Let it bleed

House of heroes, their music styling are far from special but felt it important to add them because they came highly recommended by me 5 years ago.
House of Heroes - Serial Sleepers
House of Heroes - Buckets for Bullets

Who didn't listen to Taking back sunday?
Taking back Sunday - Mosh pt II
Taking back Sunday - Ghost Man on third

Throwing it out there.

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