Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sister Act...

Meg & Dia.
Old news, but a new album is coming out soon. I chanced upon them once again while my iTunes was on shuffle and remembered how much I loved them two or three years ago (I don't remember anymore!). Steph & I were lucky enough to happen upon them when they were simply a Myspace band.

The new album is entitled "here, here, and here" and out later this month. Personally, I think the new stuff from what I've heard listens a little more "Paramore" than what I'm used to from them. But, I'm liking it a little more than I did when I first heard it, which is a plus.

Meg & Dia - Black Wedding

And for those of you who haven't heard of them yet, I offer one of my favourites:
Meg & Dia - Cardigan Weather

P.S. I totally forgot how pretty they were too...

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May Kasahara said...

I'll def give it a listen - how can I not when they are so stunning???

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