Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fashion Mysteries Solved


Have you ever seen someone on TV or on the streets, fallen in love over their outfits and pondered over where you could find the same thing? Where Did She Get It? is a website devoted to answering that very question. The idea is simple. A user can either upload, email or send via iPhone a picture of an outfit. From there, the community can help you figure out where a dress/bag/pair of shoes is from! This website is just tres cool. Very, very smart.

The only downfall? It's incredibly New York oriented, with constant references to exclusively New York stores. Maybe it'll turn up for other cities soon?


Electro Geisha said...

but stil its a great idea:) tnx for sharing :) enjoy the weekend :)

roxanne said...

this might be the greatest idea since sliced bread. literally.

courtney said...

i dont know if you also literally wanted to know where these shoes are from but its Aldo :)

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