Sunday, March 15, 2009

Transitional Weather...

transitional weather?

It's that time of year. Nope, not Christmas. Something far less friendly and heart-warming - the season of transitional weather. You know, that not-so-nice time in the spring where it's still heavily raining - or worse, lightly snowing, and it's not quite warm enough. Living in a part of the world experiencing all four seasons comes with a cost. Although I'm loving the sunshine we're getting, as soon as I step outside, I always seem to be hit with an "Oh, right, summer's still a while away."

I always forget how much I struggle with my outfit choices - it's still too cold to go bare-legged, too and well, I'm not a girl to throw on jeans. What makes it even more difficult is that store windows are filled with pretty little things for summer - all the fantastic sandals and summer dresses are incredibly tempting, but then I remember that I can't wear any of it for another two months.. For me though, the biggest struggle is footwear.

What are transitional weather shoes?!

I suppose the point of writing this is to beg for any advice - what can I wear on my feet with a dress and tights? I feel like flats and sneakers are jeans-wear items, so I'm stuck. I would wear heels daily, but I'd kind of like to pick up an easier look so I don't look quite as overdressed on a daily basis. Is spring jeans-wearing weather? Is it time for me to brave the cold air on my feet with tights and flats?

My dear fashionable seasonal-change-survivors - how do you cope?


Belle said...

I was going to suggest flats. lol.
Or flat boots perhaps. That is a tough one. I usually wear flats. Sorry I'm not much help

May Kasahara said...

I can't cope.
I live for fall/winter dressing.

Fashion Addict said...

Transitional weather shoes - that's a hard one for me to. I would go with flats, but it's true they do seem like jean wear items. Hmmm, maybe loafers? or boots?

Annie said...

hell go with the flats and tights. ive been wearing them since there was no snow on the ground. (i rarely wear jeans) boo ur feet get wet but ull live. i wore flats all summer in the rain. =)

Clémence said...

I love the skirt! So cute!

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