Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Ending - Guy = Is it possible?

Has there ever been a time where there is a happily ever after with :

- Phd degrees (and i add S = plural) from the top notch university resulting in a extremely well paying job?
- The perfect house, car, home accessories....and all that good and shiny hunka junk?
- The Literally walk-in closet, with everything from Giambattista shoes to Gucci Jackets....and even more...?
- the perfect pet.....dogs, cats or for some of us the wild and scary snake from the depths of the amazon?
- Your perfect beauty, bod and health that you have worked years on and spent a whole lotta cash as well....?

All i am trying to say is that is it really possible to have a happy ending without a GUY! i am willing to try.......and i am serious right at this moment (March 11, 2009) at 1:27 am. I have to be honest have never seen a movie where there isnt a guy involved...then again i havent seen all the movies....*sigh..

please feel free to pity, argue, agree or disagree.....

1 comment:

Juliet said...

Those are my dreams too. Though right now I'm so happy with my man that I could easily live without ... the pets? :D

juliet xxx

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