Saturday, December 20, 2008

Side Order of Jamesforlife

Special entry by Jamesforlife from CMOG. Some insight into what a genius wears.

New era x Sneaker Pimps Sneaker Pimps is a world wide sneaker tour where hundreds of rare shoes are carted around and put on display, there are also live graffiti artists doing their thing and live music performances. I got this hat from Sneaker Pimps in 2006 I think
Silly Thing x Supreme x Undercover x Futra This is probably the coolest shirt I have. It's from an art show in Hong Kong featuring one of my favorite graffiti artists named FUTURA 2000. The event was called Event Horizon and the shirt was not sold outside of this even..but I got the hookups
Warhol Factory x Levis Not much to say about these..I didn't even know Andy Warhol made Levis..but I found these and they are probably my second favorite pair of jeans
Ben Drury x Nike Air Max 87 The pirate radio station scene in London is HUGE and it features some of the best upcoming artists out there. Ben Drury is a DJ for a pirate radio station in London and he was given the opportunity to be a part of a Nike shoe pack called Air You Breathe. I also have the matching jacket and bag for this shoe, I'd show you more details on the shoe (insole art is pretty sweet on these) but I don't want totake up all your time. I will say the quality and materials on this shoe are FANTASTIC..3M mudguard, soft leather, pebbled leather swoosh *drools*


*Top to bottom
New era x Goodfoot Goodfoot is Canadas number 1 sneaker store and really started the whole sneaker scene here in a Canada. Thanks Goodfoot =)
Random zip-up hoodie I think my mom bought this for me for Christmas last year..I like this sweater a lot
Supreme x Neighborhood This is a collaboration between the Japanese brand Neighborhood and the New York based skate brand known as Supreme. This shirt fetches a pretty penny online, but I got it on the low low because I'm a gangsta...I also have the black version of this shirt
FiberOps Denim These are my favorite pair of jeans. They are by a company called FiberOps, they make great clothes and I think they are based out of San Fransisco.
Adidas Gazelle I Nothing really special about these. Shout out to alliiieeeeeee for picking these out =)

And just for fun here is a picture of my shoe shelf.... I've added a few since this picture though.


Aretha said...

I love snickers. I have my own collection too

Vero said...

Cool blog guys!

Nat-attack said...

thats a mad collection!!!

Nat-attack said...

p.s. why do you have a tom selleck shrine beside your shoe collection?

Miranda said...

that's a lot of sneakers LOL :)

jamesforlife said...

@Nat-attack - its a pretty funny story..kinda...My friends and I went to the flea market in Pickering looking to buy a Nintendo. This was like..3 years ago maybe..So we go there and look around, we see this store selling like carved wood art (like sculptures and such) and 1 picture of Tom Selleck. So we had to ask if we could buy it, because it was just too weird. So I bought it for like 5 bucks.. Then the next week we went back for something else..probably games or something, AND THERE WAS ANOTHER TOM SELLECK PIC!.. we had to ask if he had more and he had like 7 of them.. so random, just surrounded in wooden sculptures. we bought 1 more and had great lolz after. There is also a picture of me as a baby at the bottom and a picture of my friend in the news paper LOL...yea..

@Aretha - Let's see it! =)

@Miranda - Thanks..I guess?! lol, there are people with way way more than me though!

i.d. said...

Wow, I love the fact that you have a shoe rack!

May Kasahara said...


... said...

Incredible !


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