Saturday, November 8, 2008

this isn`t rocket science, this is love.

jae`s got an irregular heart beat, & that`s not good.
so no leaving the house for her.

being a homebody is no fun.

on the plus side, i did find my camera! YAY PETEY!!!

here you go, all!
today`s outfit, comprised of laziness & too-weak-to-get-dressed-pretty-ness.

i decided i needed to get creative with my outfit pics.
just you all wait til i get a better camera.

on the other hand;
there are other fingers. :b

[grey XL men`s tshirt, old navy (stolen from my best friend); blue mid-calf leggings, costa blanca outlet; messy hair & tired eyes, sickness.]

i love this site. a friend introduced it to me, & i love love love it.
i`m going to make an account soon;
as soon as i get a better camera.

did anyone watch gossip girl?
i hate spoilers, so none to be found here, but i do want to mention that season two has justified my unconditional love & affection for both blair & jenny.
if you haven`t watched gossip girl EVER before;
please do so now.

on a final note:
my birthday is in ten days. & counting.


Miranda said...

happy early bday :)
loveeeeee gg<3

Ess Elsie. said...

Ahhh lookbook is amazing, though rather intimidating. I'm thinking about making an account when I finally get a not so shoddy camera. But the boys on there are impeccably dressed and there are many of them, which is rare to find on a fashion site.

I finally caught up on Pushing Daisies, but I really need to catch up on GG. It's been a longgg time. [And I hold a dear love and affection for blair and chuck... buck/chair ftw!]

And happy advanced b-day!

Aly-gator said...

cute coloured leggings, adore oversized cross-dressing

Anonymous said...

gossip girl is so awesome! can't wait to find out what happens to blair and chuck. btw, have you checked out it's bigger than lookbook, and doesn't require an invitation code.

jae said...

miranda - thanks love :) & i think EVERYONE loves GG!

ess elsie - lookbook is super-intimidating, but hopefully (if i don`t lose my invite code) i`ll join & it`ll be less intimidating to me. like you, i`ll do it when my camera isn`t so crappy. & i do adore the boys there too! so deliciously well-dressed!!!
i haven`t caught up on pushing daisies, but i look forward to it. i`m getting the DVD season one soon, & i`ll work my way from there. thanks for the advanced happy birthday!!!

aly-gator - thanks hun; i love wearing boy`s clothes because they`re so comfortable. & i particularly love that shirt (i have two of them, stole both from my best friend!) because it`s XL but it isn`t wide across, just long.

anonymous - i can`t wait either! & i`ve checked out chictopia too. i super love it, but again - my camera is my biggest issue in me joining any kind of site like that. one day, when i have a nicer camera... :)

hannah said...

i love comfy outfits. especially when they look that great.

Daughter said...

Agreed. Gossip Girl is possibly the most amazing show ever. Ever.

jae said...

hannah - thanks :) actually, the shirt was really wrinkled but i was too lazy to iron it when i was just inside the house anyway.

daughter - it is probably a sin to like it as much as i do, but you`re so right - it is amazing.

yiqin; said...

Lookbook seems to be getting really popular! Hmmm I think you look awesome in the color :)

jae said...

yiqin; - it is popular, isn`t it? i never knew about it though, not til a few days ago. am i that late? hmm...thanks :)

Glow Chaser said...

I love your hair!! What a great cut.

jae said...

glow chaser - thanks! i had to cut it asymmetrical myself since nobody else had time to do it for me, & i still have to fix it up a little, but i`m glad that you like it :)

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