Monday, November 10, 2008

Mix monday: Andrew McMahon

So I'm hyperventilating thinking about seeing Andrew McMahon live this Thursday with Megs. I've been on a cleansing diet of only Something Corporate and Jack's mannequin for days now. I can totally imagine me being one of those fat girls crying in the crowd in utter awe of meeting one of their idols, like one of those moms at a Clay Aiken concert. This frightens me so, but I can only imagine Megs trepidation of having me beside her.

So when I first heard "Glass Passenger", Jack's mannequins newest release, I kind of loathed it. I found it to be sub-par and not as raw, as I was use to from Something Corporate, and not as catchy as Jack's mannequins previous album "Everything in Transit". Yet after a couple more skims I came to see how beast epic the new album really is. I mean he pretty much left SoCo because he was writing songs that didn't suit the band any longer yet I found comfort in "Everything in Transit" since it had traces of SoCo woven in most songs. I just had to get use to his further departure from SoCo in glass passenger & when it comes down to it, the newest album is as raw and in depth (if not more) as the good ole SoCo days and as catchy as Everything in transit.

Now to the mix! Tally-ho!

Break Myself - Something Corporate

The Runaway
- Something Corporate

Everything in Transit
Dark Blue - Jack's Mannequin

Into the airwaves - Jack's Mannequin

Glass Passenger
Lullaby - Jack's Mannequin

- Jack's Mannequin

The elated beyond belief,


Anonymous said...

UH..have you ever been to a Clay Aiken concert; or seen him at the Stage Door after his performances on Broadway in 'Spamalot'?? I guess not. You would have seen women/girls, of all ages, shapes, sizes and colors and MEN of all ages, shapes and sizes (I have yet to see a black man at any of the concerts/performances of Clay's that I have attended). It's NOT just the 'fat moms' who appreciate Clay's immense talent and personality. He is one of the best stage performers the industry has. One of the reasons he does have many 'older' fans (and nothing wrong with that at all!) is that we appreciate good music and someone who can actually SING
and be understood of what he is singing. We have NOT played into the hype of rap, bad hip hop (there is some decent stuff out there), or the screaming-meemies who break the sound barrier!! Harry Connick, Jr. by singing songs from the 40's and 50's while he was still in his early/mid-20's, did NOT have 'young' fans rushing to see him in concert-he had older fans (most who were women)who appreciated his singing and performances.

simply.steph said...

Anonymous: I never mentioned anything about anyone being fat other than myself... & I just compared my anticipated reaction to a mom at a Clay Aiken concert supposing said viewer would be elated to see him live. Never took a hit at clay aikens singing ability & never thought I'd have to dissect a pretty striaght forward simile in such detail.


Anonymous said...

Love new music and I think I'm gonna five this guy a chance

nv said...

I love jacks mannequin <3

Jill said...

Love. His. Music. I am really jealous. I have to admit at first listen I didn't like the new songs as much either, but they've grown on me.

Juliet said...

Relax, it is the music, not the guy I think?

juliet xxx

jae said...

anonymous : go clay aiken. go fat moms. nobody said anything wrong about clay`s singing. why all the fuss about clay anyway? isn`t this post about jack`s mannequin & soco??? srsly.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Jack's Mannequin :)

Thank you.

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