Friday, October 24, 2008

it's love.

Confession: I love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

I'm sure everyone knows by now that the twins have an impeccable sense of style. The pint-sized fashion icons are not only gorgeous, they're also multi-million dollar media moguls in their own right. And how cool is that?

It's been a long love affair. I've followed them from Full House, to their direct-to-video movies, to their various television series. So Little Time = classic. Seriously.

And then, all of a sudden, they were being photographed around NYU in long bohemian skirts carrying gigantic Starbucks cups. It was love.
Love, love, love.

Since then, they evolved into fashion industry execs. Their fashion lines "The Row" and "Elizabeth and James" are amazing, but I'm completely biased. Have a look for yourself.

The Row is high-end, and headed primarily by Ashley. The promo is pretty old, and I can't find information that's very current, but even still, the line is just amazing. I adore the versatility and simplicity, but the fact that it's still edgy and incredibly fashionable is just brilliant to me.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and James is edgier, and caters more to younger crowd. This line is the one which Mary-Kate takes reign of. It totally incorporates her boho-chic style and matches it with menswear inspired blazers alongside frilly, girlie dresses. I've seen pieces throughout different fashion magazines, and well, I can't help but love it all. I would definitely wear pieces across the entire line.

Words cannot express my adoration, seriously. I promise you there will be more MKA love to come.

Love from the absolutely awestruck,


AsianCajuns said...

Don't worry, you're not alone. I admire the Olsen twins' fashion sense. The definitely push the boundaries and do their own thing unlike other stars.

Myriam said...

They have a nice style but I wish they could skip the fur, mean twins!

Tina :) said...

I love the Olsen's fashion sense too, very casual and comfy but hip and chic too!
Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

styledigger said...

Lobe the Olsen's boho style. They are so young and they already have became a fashion icons!

fear.guftta said...

they are sexy for sure

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