Wednesday, October 1, 2008

While you were wishing for ponies..

I was wishing for bitch brows and a sharp dressed man.
Ok no I really had no taste when it came to the opposite sex when I was 10. I mean I picked Nick carter over Brain, WHO DOES THAT?! But the brows I've always wanted, secretly. How does this relate at all? Well today's theme is bond girl, and what's a bond girl without bitch eyebrows? (and why hasn't angelina not played a bond girl? she has the perfect bitch brow pose with the pout) Well the theme is inspired by the new bond theme song by Jack white and Alicia keys and I really don't know how I feel about it (I'm not the biggest alicia keys fan...). So here it is, you judge, Is it just another way to die? or a genius duet?

Another way to die - Jack white and Alicia keys

some songs that address key elements in bond movies:

Time is running out
- Muse : Time is key, If there were no time constraint then we'd just be watching... a pretty damn long movie. Think Lord of the rings, bond style, soooo not cool.

A million ways (to be cruel) - OKGo: You never see a old age home volunteer of a bond girl. Only the sexy cruel make it in the bond world...

Blood on our hands - Death from above 1979: What can I say, blood is detrimental in at least one scene. No blood, I'm outttt. If I wanted something thought provoking & non-violent, I'd go read up on the Large Hadron Collider... Ok I have read up on it, but still not the point.

the cold ridden,


Giselle Dozier said...

Bitch brows huh? Why did I never think to call them that? lol. Definitely something I coveted all through gradeschool.


Diana Coronado said...

Nice swim suite !!

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