Monday, September 1, 2008

slight obsession.

can we really call it 'slight' still?

see, it all started with ROCKBAND.
my character, lovingly named jae (after moi!), looked exactly like a thinner version of me in every little bit. with layered black hair, pouty lips, winged eyeliner & a mean-looking double-necked guitar (which i don`t actually my chagrin), she was exactly like me.
except she lacked one thing.
standing there in the rock shop, looking fierce as a tiger, she was almost exactly me except she wore no glasses.


to rectify this, i ran to the accessories section of the shop & tried on a dozen different kinds of glasses on her. i liked them all. so i spent hard-earned cash, money i had played a dozen gigs for, just to buy her all the glasses & sunglasses that she could ever want or need.

it was at that moment that i decided that, like my character in rockband, i could use glasses as accessories for myself.
after all, why not?
unlike most people who are FORCED to wear glasses & hate them, i love them! prescription or not, glasses are actually a lot more fun for me than they are for others. & more so when i would slip my contacts into my eyes & then be able to wear sunglasses too...i figured, why stop at sunglasses? why not collect a gamut of other glasses, non-prescription & lensless, to fill out my glasses-wardrobe ?

this is just the beginning of it, i`m sure.

to begin :

[WITH LENS: from top to bottom (newest to oldest) : black & pink non-prescription glasses, from ardenes ; eggplant & blue prescription glasses, from woodside optical.]

[SUNGLASSES: from top to bottom (newest to oldest) : black wayfarers, from ardenes ; golden aviators, from bluenotes ; silver aviators, from blue notes ; leopard-ish print wayfarers, from bluenotes ; trusty old black sunnies, from ricki`s.]

[LENSLESS GLASSES: from top to bottom (newest to oldest) : black, from dollarama ; blue, from dollarama ; grey, from dollarama ; giant-buggies (used to be sunglasses), bluenotes ; purple + rhinestones, lost-&-found @ camp.]

the lensless ones are the best. everyone talks about them because...well..until you look closely, they don`t look like they`re lensless. i love them. they`re almost controversial. plus, i am planning on getting non-prescription lenses put in them. it`s amazing. & the best part is...most of the frames i have were only about a dollar from the dollar store. super cheap, yes, but also means i can buy a lot more.

when popping lenses out of glasses, do it from the inside to the out. that is, put your thumbs on the side of the glass/plastic that would be closest to your eyes if you were wearing them, & then push out. it`s easier, apparently. it takes a bit of practice, but it`s well worth it.
also remember that the lower the prescription, the thinner the lens, thus the easier it is to remove the lens.

rock them. just plain & simple...rock them. wear them like you mean it. if people ask, don`t hesitate to tell them where you bought them. don`t hesitate to show them that they`re frames. if they try to poke your eyes, reach out & poke theirs first!

ignore the haters who will tell you that only wannabes wear lensless glasses. after all, the same argument could be used that only sailors like nautical clothes, that only debs like pearls, that only dominatrixes wear sky-high stiletto boots, etc.

yeah. in my book, it is definitely cooler than cool to rock lensless glasses.

after all, not everyone can pull off glasses. so if you can, why not?

jae :)

[ps: i closed up my livejournal & opened up my own personal blog. it can be found here! (clickyclicky)
please note that i will be working on both this blog & ABOJ, not abandoning one for the other.]


Laura M. said...

I like some of your sunglasses, got some similar ones and I enjoy the way they fit me.

Btw, did you get my latest email with those coupons? I can't see a copy in the Sent folder so I was wondering that maybe that email never reached your inbox.

KiKi said...

i like the first two i used to wear glasses but now i have contacts they really have evolved glasses over the years

ambika said...

I love your take on wearing lensless glasses. I honestly wish I needed to wear glasses for real because I love how they look so much.

& OMG at your collection!

jae said...

laura - i did receive your email :)

kiki - i think i have always loved glasses. i started wearing them in high school, but even when i was a kid, i wanted them... contacts make wearing lensless glasses so much more fun.

ambika - wear `em anyway! i mean, if you like them, why not? who cares if you need them or not! that`s why non-prescriptions were invented! & thanks, the collection is going to expand soon ;]

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