Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"i want something else to get me through this."

we are quickly hitting the end of this wonderful time period we call summer-time. was it really four months ago that we were celebrating the end of our examinations?
i guess it has been.

well, with fall comes many things : school, homework, job-searching for a part-time job that fits just right into the schedule, theme tuesdays, thrifting, more blog posts written during class instead of taking notes...

today, i give you...outfit pictures! i know, it`s exciting to finally see photos.
they`re not much; my outfit was pretty plain, but the dress i was wearing made me feel pretty thin (when i wasn`t wearing the sweater) (i should have taken photos without the sweater, but it never occurred to me...) because the waist hit just so right where the thinnest bit on my torso is, and my belly fat was hidden by the skirt.

so there it is, in all it`s glory. the bag is the awesome eggplant coloured one that i posted about before. i`m still in love with it.

i cut my feet out of the photo because i wasn`t wearing shoes (in the house, we aren`t allowed to) - i wore my green shoes with the one-inch hidden wedge. i`m not big on wedges regularly, but these shoes look like they`re flats so it`s all good.

close up on the bottom of the skirt, so you can see the cute little flowers. i love the colours on the skirt.

[flowery dress, stitches outlet; yellow v-neck sweater, forever21; black belt, value village; eggplant convertible bag, pacific mall; green shoes (not pictured), payless shoes.]

meanwhile, in my dorky quest to have those crazy lensless glasses that all the hipsters & cool kids have, i have mutilated a crazy pair of sunglasses that look horrible on me as sunglasses. i`ve injured myself trying to pop the left lens out. the right lens came out pretty darn easy. anyhow, if i wear them as they are right now (the lens is still in on the left eye), i look like a pirate. ARRRH.

i must note that i look quite happy in that photo. for a photo taken at 4AM, i wonder why.
[sunglasses, bluenotes outlet.]

i vow i will get the lens out sometime soon.
sunglasses & glasses are really becoming a sort of guilty pleasure for me...

[edit added @ 9:52PM, just quite some time after the post was originally posted]
i got the lens out! & now that they`re out...
can`t resist posing with them!

looking like an inquisitive little asian. love my hood :) makes the hipster, scene cool thing so much more realistically hipster & scene.

burst out laughing while taking the photo, because i could see how ridic i look. yes, ridic - DEFINITELY something my hipster cool friends would say.

more inquisitive asian coming through!

i know some people hate the word 'hipster', equating it with 'try-hard' - but i love it. bahaha don`t ask.
people also hate that i love glasses, especially those people who have to wear them because their eyesight is bad.
let me clear something up: my eyesight is bad too. i wear prescription glasses, & with my non-prescription glasses, lensless glasses & sunglasses, i HAVE to wear contacts or else risk injury. i just love the way glasses look on me. i think they look good on me. so say what you want, but i love it.
& i know, i usually hate buying into the 'in thing', & so these lensless glasses should really be something i shy away from - for a while, i did - but now i just love it because it`s a convenient way to change things up.

on an extra note; my family is COMPLETELY used to me being weird & kooky. they did not even bat an eyelash at the lensless glasses, even though i have never worn them before. my sister didn`t even notice til i pointed them out.
apparently, i`m always wearing something slightly questionable. they`ve learned to phase out the shock.

hm. what would get them, do you think?

as mentioned earlier, the return of school marks one certain thing in particular that we here at SOS love...

for those of you who don`t know (or can`t remember, considering the last theme tuesday was AGES ago...), theme tuesday is a weekly challenge for everyone - yes, that includes YOU, dear readers! we challenge each other & ourselves, as well as accept challenges from other people, to dress in a certain way on tuesdays.

next week`s theme tuesday, in honor of school starting again (here in toronto, where we SOSers live, we start school after the first monday in september), is quite simple:
PINK must be the central colour of the outfit, & the shoes may not be BLACK, GREY, or WHITE. (FOR THIS CHALLENGE ONLY, flip flops will be ALLOWED as footwear. but usually, they aren`t.) relatively easy, non? it`s a starter into everything. besides, pink is a colour of happiness! we should all be happy theme tuesdays will be back!

again, as always, i extend the offer to everyone to send in their photos or a link to their blogs or flickrs where the theme is being fulfilled.

SONG STUCK IN JAE`S HEAD: semi-charmed life, by third eye blind

kisses, love, & A REAL POST!


roxanne said...

yay for real posts! those lensless glasses look pretty great, i wouldn't have expected sunglasses frames to lend themselves so well to that look!

Nadine said...

I really like the skirt your wear with the yellow cardigan!

jae said...

roxanne - agree on the real posts thing! & yeah, a lot of people said that about the sunglasses frames, but i actually think sunglasses frames are perfect because...they`re different :)

nadine - thank you :) it`s a full dress, maybe i`ll post a pic of the dress without the sweater in another post!

MR style said...

it sucks when it's the end of summer time !

jae said...

mr style - i totally agree...but oh well! fall is, after all, the best season!

Kira Fashion said...


you look so cool and fun! Love it!!!

a kiss for you and thanks a lot for passing at my blog! Let´s keep in touch!

see you,

jae said...

kira - thanks :) & yeah, i do check out your blog whenever i run through our blog roll, which is every so often. i may not always comment, but know that i`m a frequent reader!

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