Friday, August 8, 2008


So I'm working with a communication service company, well not really, im working under a third party advertising company and therefore got a job working in a communication service company. Day in and out I see the sales reps reaction and the customers, Since I'm just a promoter of certain services, I really don't deal with transactions, just informing what customers options are concerning bundling devices blah blah blah. well enough with the background and back to the rant, I LOVE, and by love i mean loathe, how the customers think we give a flying fuck, I mean honestly if you recieve from your standpoint, crappy service from us, we dont friggen set up your cables . WE DONT make these policies, people act like we pull this shit out of our asses... We really dont, but my favoritist thing of all is when they threaten to move to a different provider. It makes me laugh like a madwomen inside, honestly YOU THINK WE CARE?! really, we dont get paid enough to care, it actually makes life easier to not deal with assholes like you anymore. Shove you off to our competitors to deal with... Ok thats my little ranting of the day... and so the journey continues with 7 hours left in this shift...

the grammatically sucky half of this blog,


Annie said...

hahah customers. oh man dealing with ppl sucks. my favourite at my job is...oh but in the other store it was blah blah(1 dollar cheaper) like what do fuck do i care im not the other store. if u wanna save one dollar so badly go buy ur crappy tourist shit in the other place.

jae said...

annie - LOL ohhh this makes me partially glad i`m not working this summer...i hated customers who did that kinda thing.

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