Tuesday, August 12, 2008

beauty is in the eye of the beholder, & all that...

sorry for the lack of posts, everyone! nothing interesting has been happening lately with us, i guess.
[just wait, school is coming up soon - plenty of things for us to be ranting & raving about, as well as the return of theme tuesdays & more posts than ever, seeing as how school is the perfect excuse to procrastinate!]

in the meantime, i`m working on one of my previously mentioned 'epic posts' - it will be up soon ! i promise!!!

if you would like to have a little bit of a part in my next post, please comment & finish this sentence...

"beauty is..."

loves & hugs


roxanne said...


Kris said...

in the breakdown.

Annie said...

can i say accepting urself for who you are....no or maybe what god gave you? haha no that sounds retarded. does it even make sense?
hmm i used to like playing fill in the blanks haha.

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