Friday, July 25, 2008

"that girl is so dangerous"

seriously, i would never have expected that song to get stuck in my head as much as it did. it is so...darn...catchy! not to mention that a friend of mine laughingly suggested i like it so much because it describes me [i`m not sure how, but well...he`s a guy & i`m not. he also had the biggest crush on me for years, so maybe that has something to do with it].

summer has been one whirlwind of absolutely nothing on my end, except for the odd thing here & there. well, it`s all good - i`m enjoying it anyway.

i have been formulating several posts that may be interesting, but in the meantime, here are some outfit photos!

this is yesterday`s outfit. i wanted to dress up a bit, & wear my heels [i haven`t worn them in a while, opting for flats or flipflops most of the time]. i spent a while formulating this. i wanted it to be more or less 'shirt-dress-y', but apparently it looked kind of rebel school-girl.

(my aunt also mentioned to me that it looked like i was looking to be hit on by boys. that is not true.)

this is me, in the parking lot of the mall. yes, i`m pointing at the handicap sign on the floor. & yes, it is supposed to be on that wacky angle. (hello people in the background! i didn`t notice you until now!)

this is more of a close-up so you can see the top part of the shirt.

white men`s button-down shirt: calvin klein. stolen from...someone? i`m not sure whose it is.
white&black tanktop (worn underneath): 5$, part of 2-for-10$ sale at stitches (gift from boyfriend hehe)
white skirt (worn underneath, can`t really see it): gift, from stitches
grey leggings: 5$, costa blanca outlet
black patent heels: 23$, payless
green/brown headband: 1$, dollarama

today`s outfit was more boring, because it was darn hot. i was looking for a thinner tanktop to wear underneath, but i couldn`t find anything. anyhow, the t-shirt is pretty darn thin, so i thought it might work out okay (it didn`t, i was boiling hot). the shorts, however, were nice. i wore flipflops (sorry, i know some people believe that flipflops are like uggs & crocs - they should never be worn - but they`re comfy & keep me cool) today too.

here`s the best photo i could take. by the time i got outside to take outfit photos, the lighting was horrible.

bleached black tee: 3$, urban outfitters mens` (on sale)
black tanktop underneath: 7$, part of 2-for-14$ sale at old navy
grey shorts: 15$, walmart [i keep mixing up the price of i`m not sure.]
yellow belt: 3$, value village
black flipflops: 4$, part of 2-for-8$ sale at old navy
purple bag: 35$, pacific mall
sunglasses: 15$, ricki`s

here are the sunglasses, close up.

this bag is amazing! it can be used in three different ways.

ONE - tote style

TWO - with the longer strap [there`s an extra strap, so it can actually be messenger style too]

THREE - kinda briefcase-y. i love it like this, but with the 'messenger-bag' strap

so that`s it!
stay tuned for some other awesome entries :)

ps. i still have not seen batman, & i don`t plan to for another while, so try to lay off the spoilers...



bestie said...

haha, i like the part where your aunt said you looked dressed to be hit on. sounds like something an aunt of mine might also say.(;

and you're right, that's an amazing bag!!

Fashion Addict said...

love the outfit, the grey leggings are cute too!

jae said...

bestie - perhaps it is a filipino 'tita' thing. they`re all like that with me... :S
& i love the bag to death!!! it`s gonna fall apart before i even get to use it for school ahaha...

fashion addict - thank you:) the leggings are very comfy!

Belle said...

I really like your shirt dress, its really cute. The purple bag is amazing. I love it.

roxanne said...

that bag is out of control. i'm not big on my bags myself, but if i came across something like that, i'd never let it go. love the color, too.

jae said...

belle - thank you :) i`m super glad i never gave that shirt away, because i love it to death now! & the bag, if it could talk, i`m sure it would return the love everyone is giving it! :)

roxanne - the bag is awesome-tastic. & the colour was what attracted me to it first! i think there was an orange one there too, but i`m an eggplant-y person. funny enough, i hate the actual vegetable. but the colour is to die for.


I know right!!?? you have to be carefull with filp flops...they could murder a look. Love that orange/mustard belt!! very cute.

(LA Street Style)

jae said...

culture creators - i hear that all the time, but`s summer, i`m still young...don`t really need to be wearing flats & heels all the time. sometimes, flipflops are just the way to go. & the belt is one of my favourites!

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