Tuesday, July 29, 2008

a quick moment to point it out...

hi all! it`s ... *checks time* ... 4:15 AM, & i am still up.
i will sleep soon, i promise!

i just wanted to point out to everyone that i got hippity-hip, groovy-baby with the times & i got a twitter account.
i guess because i love status updates.
facebook status updates don`t do it for me, mainly because i prefer to stay cryptic on facebook, so most of my updates on it are music lyrics.

however i plan on using & abusing twitter.

here is my twih-tah!

you can view my latest updates off to the side, underneath all the links -> --> --->

please, feel free to follow me, & let me know your twitters so i can follow you too. [like the little creeper i am.]

as well, since i mentioned facebook here, feel free to find me & add me if you`d like!

my facebook [this should bring you to the search page with my name there. add me or message me for an add!]

& that is all :)

i`m thinking of making my personal livejournal public [it`s 'friends only' right now, meaning all the entries are pretty much private to the outside world], but maybe not - it all ends up on the blog anyhow.



KiKi said...

just started following you on twitter!

jae said...

kiki - awwww i feel so strangely proud & loved! <3 you`re awesome :D

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