Thursday, June 12, 2008

tragedy. pure tragedy.

i missed a week of blogging because i was sick - headaches; stomachaches; nausea that was bad enough to make the people in my immediate vicinity puke; dizziness; & extreme tiredness.
i`m better now, of course.
& i have SORELY missed blogging.

so what has happened since the time of my last post?
well, for one thing, i know you`re all expecting my theme tuesday pictures.
unfortunately, i lost one of my memory cards on my camera, the one with those pictures on it.
however, i do promise that next tuesday, i will do a redo of those photos, along with the next theme [to be announced].

i cut my hair :) you`ll see, on sunday. i`ll post up pictures for sure!

the theme is scene/emo. yes, i know, you`re looking at me like i`m crazy, but it was actually a CHALLENGE THEME!!! a friend of mine wanted to see me dressed as 'scene' or 'emo' as i could, & so i decided to make it a group effort.
what is scene and/or emo? many would argue they are two different genres of style, & i`m not one to judge so i`m going to assume they`re different. but for your sake, i you-tubed a little bit of 'how to' for us...

apparently, a lot of it is in the makeup & hair. i found a bunch of videos on youtube that prove to be pretty helpful [especially those by alyssa abcission, who is totally adorable, even sans makeup].



if you don`t like a MAJOR amount of teasing, this hair might suit you more.

& the cuter the accessories, the better.
little bows, big bows, head bands, whatever you find, stick it in your hair!

now for clothing.
i`m not sure how familiar you readers are with hot topic, a store in the states that seems to cater to punks, scene/emo kids & rockers. the canadian equivalent is probably something along the lines of west 49 and ardenes, meshed together.

mostly though, emo/scene kids seem to wear the same things others do, just rock them differently, with their hair and make up being the defining features.
i`m pretty sure we can pull this off, you guys :)



Kira Fashion said...

great video tips,

a kiss!!

Margherita. said...

the first girl has great hair. im not a fan of teasing, but I love the style in the second video.

a side order of style said...

kira - thanks hun :)

margherita - i love her hair! it`s so pretty! i wish she wouldn`t tease it so much. & yea, i`m digging the style in the next one :)


Natasha said...

glad you're back and feeling better!

jellofer said...

Being sick in the summer really sucks! I know, cause I am FINALLY better now! Glad that you're feeling better now. Thanks for the congrats about grad! :D

I am looking forward to seeing your post on the new hair. I am a wimp when it comes to cutting my hair, so I love seeing what others do with theirs! :)

Mondo-Fashion said...

haha i love the title of this post!

a side order of style said...

natasha - thanks hun :) i`m glad too~!

jellofer - omg being sick in summertime sucks so much! & i have another four years of school to go before grad, so yeah...i`m pretty bummed hahaha...but you`re done so lucky you! & my hair is so ultimato diff.

mondo-fashion - i thought it was pretty fitting :) glad you liked it!

-jae, SOS

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