Tuesday, June 17, 2008

i tried to be perfect...

i thought that the name of the post might be a good, kind of 'emo' way to start the post?
well...it really does fit my efforts anyway.
the theme of today was "emo/scene"...& i don`t know how well i pulled that off.
maybe should have worn more black & ruffles.

in any case, i made my own grand effort.
i tried to do dark enough make-up, but without anywhere to go or any reason to be putting a lot of makeup or dressing up, i couldn`t do anything more. otherwise, my mom would wonder. she doesn`t understand theme-tuesdays as well as i`d like her to.

this is my outfit.

my attempt to show you all my makeup..which wasn`t very good.
estee lauder artist`s eye pencil (black)
maybelline pure powder in light
some random blush i got in a pack

a boboniaa-inspired grin :3

steph-type fierce!

close-up of my sweater, in all its awesome starry-print goodness.

my hair clips!

brown v-neck t-shirt: forever 21, 7$
white, yellow, brown, orange star-print hoodie: stitches (outlet), 5$
dark blue skinny jeans: stitches, 25$
yellow hair clips: dollarama, 1$ / 12-in-a-pack
purple flats (not pictured): walmart, 14.50$

none of the pictures i took could capture the little flippy bit my hair was doing at the back...& teasing it didn`t do anything! my hair has too much natural volume, i guess...but all in all, i don`t know if i fulfilled the whole scene thing.

i tried!

does anyone else have any pics of today`s theme? or any other 'challenge' themes for next week? let us know!

[stay tuned for the re-done pictures of the zombie fighter theme]

extra scene/emo love, as though that will put me up a peg in the books,


Giselle said...

pretty much awesome, though the only thing I would have changed would be to tease the hair up but I guess you tried that anyways. other than that....*rawr* (oh wait...is that scene?)

a side order of style said...

giselle - i tried to tease it, but my hair has too much of it`s own volume & a mind of its own... lol as for *rawr*...i`m not even sure if that`s scene! i say it all the time tho! :D


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