Monday, May 12, 2008

Whatta mixed up monday

So lately I've been lost in my thoughts subsequently leading to the neglect of the blog & my daily intake of vegetables. I mean its been WEEKS(for both)! Just going to post some songs that have been on heavy rotation for the past few days.

All we are - One Republic
Dark Blue - Jack's Mannequin
We all fall down - One Republic
Something to believe in - Aqua lung
Fairfax - William tell
Sunday Best - Augustana
Look up - Stars

not really the most upbeat playlist, just some songs that I've been in the mood for.

BIG NEWS! I must mention, my dearest friend Maegan is making over the blog within the next week! Get ready for BIG THINGS!

Much love,


aizat.cinta.goddess said...

love one republic too..gosh!!love your blog..keep it up!!

Susan said...

Heck I love stars, they always put me in a good mood. looking forward to the new look!

LML said...

love aqualung and stars!

bear said...

such a great play list!! i love jacks mannequin!

Giselle said...

the worst part isnt the piercing part...its the healing process thats a bitch lol.
If thats a pic of you, you would look totally cute with a monroe :-)

-Giselle <3<3<3

jellofer said...

Wow, the blog changes are looking great girls! I like! :)

Kira Fashion said...

its always good going to a show ;)

a kiss and a hug

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