Thursday, May 8, 2008

let me take a moment.

hi all;
i know it`s been a while, & i`m so sorry.
SOSers have been quite busy.

in my case, there is a lot going on my life that is kind of hectic & i need a breather. i need to back off. so i`m taking a not-structured hiatus from the blog for a week or two. this means sporadic entries [there, i said it], & very few of those.

steph & natasha will take over for a while guys :)

i`m sorry!

-jae, SOS

1 comment:

Paris said...

Hey, I came across your blog through Maverickandlove. It is fantastic! I am new to blogging and am using my blog to showcase my fashion illustration work. If you have a minute please visit and tell me what you think!

Paris x

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