Thursday, April 24, 2008

"we will, we will, rock you!"

i must confess that my life right now has revolved around basketball.
in LARGE amounts.
tuesday`s outfit consisted of a red dress [none of the pics i took quite captured it`s coolness, so i will try again another day] & black belt. they were both in support of my favourite basketball team, the toronto raptors.

wednesday was an exam day. my last one!!! & true to my last post, i procrastinated a whole lot. the exam was at three o`clock, & on that day...
woke up at ten am. went to school, got there by eleven thirty [lucky, b/c my brother dropped me off]. went to eat lunch around twelve thirty. came back to the cafeteria area to study at one-thirty pm. oh, & then i fell asleep at two pm, to wake up fifteen minutes before my exam, & try to write it without having read through my text at all.
i`m so pro.

but exams are over, & it`s summer vacation for me!
summer for me means...

- hanging out with friends :)
- sweating out the water weight
- injuries [every year, i manage to injure myself somehow.]
- cold drinks, food, showers, ice packs, water gun fights, air conditioning...
- a job?
- trying not to get tanned!

today i introduced steph to my friends who live in another neighbourhood from me. they`re my best friends! we hung out, playing basketball & skateboarding...i was very very hyper.

fred makes a layup while everyone watches

fred, crossing people over like mad.

sean, wearing the kanye west - style sunglasses. they`re mike`s.

the dunk contest [aka "an excuse to look like losers" contest]

the ball bounces away....everyone watches.

me, making a weird hand motion! this is so you can see the details on the front of my shirt!

more weird poses, cheesy smiles, & a bit more of the front of my shirt :)

full body, more hand motions, & oh yes, that scooter was attached to me completely!

a full body pic, in which my shadow looks completely awesome! the shirt had one of those cool ties up the side, so that`s the funny brown tail on my hip :)

[EDIT:photobucket is being completely odd right now - i have some other pictures that i wanted to put up, but they`re just not working...i`ll try adding them on later, for the sake of showing you guys my completely random faces & poses. the rest of the pics are up!]

so my outfit is SLIGHTLY lindsay lohan style 't-shirt-&-leggings' combo, but......still.

brown leopard-print leopard t-shirt: gift from my aunt, from the philippines
black theory blazer: gift from my other aunt, second-hand
black leggings: fairweather, 10$
black flats: gift from mark, stitches, 20$
dogtag necklace: 50$, including price for engraving
cheesy smile?: PRICELESS!

i love you all forever & ever!
-jae, SOS

PS: the raptors won their game tonight, which makes me uber happy!!!


Giselle said...

I bet you could totally wear a tutu! just...pretend no one is looking at you lol :-P


vera i have your wang said...

I know my pistachio ice cream when I see it! Haha. Would love to see a pic of your outfit!

a side order of style said...

giselle - a tutu? omg i actually want one of those, just for the coolness factor! a black one!

vera i have you wang - LOL i love your username!!! & steph has yet to confirm what kind of icecream it are uploaded now :)

-jae, SOS

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