Tuesday, April 22, 2008

it`s almost the end...

exams are almost over. i`m almost done.
& life has finally begun to look up.

it`s been a bit harried for me, so a longer post on thursday,
but i will say that i was thrilled with the new episode of gossip girl...except i do miss nan zhang`s character...sigh.

we have missed yet another theme tuesday, & i`m sorry for that, but it will resume once all the stress surrounding exams is GONE.

no pictures, nothing of substance, nothing but stressed out little jae who has a big exam tomorrow & has not begun to study.....

i`m sorry, i`m sorry!

photos & substance on thursday, i promise!

how to procrastinate:
make a blog entry instead of studying...
& then don`t make the entry anything special.

please please please go watch gossip girl & ignore that i haven`t written anything for you to read.
it`s another good way to procrastinate.

love & sincerest apologies
-jae, SOS


roxanne said...

gossip girl <3

just find it on sidereel.com.. enjoy procrastinating!

roxanne said...

oops, forgot to scroll down to see that you are indeed familiar with th glory of sidereel, hah

jellofer said...

I'm procrastinating right now...The end of exams are so close!! Good luck on the last ones!

a side order of style said...

roxanne - sidereel is a must :) it`s awesome! it was so laggy last night, but i managed to get through.

jellofer - i fell asleep in the hub today, instead of studying for my exam. buuuuut i`m done done done & now i can relax :)

-jae, SOS

Jennifer said...

I hate studying. I go shopping instead. Ha! I'm so bad.

Anonymous said...

Jae!!! You're done exams now? LUCKY!!
Lol, I noticed you made that post at 11:33PM. That's a lot of procrastination!
I'm procrastinating a lot now, too. It looks so nice outside and I would much rather be out there than studying for a stupid exam... Boo.

a side order of style said...

jennifer - good job! shopping is the way to go!

anonymous - i`m pretty certain i must know who this is....but i don`t b/c you didn`t sign off with your name! anyhow, yes, i did procrastinate a bunch...& i SLEPT instead of studying.

-jae, SOS

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