Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dear James McAvoy,

I cannot wait to see you in Penelope and Wanted.
Will catch up with you after things clear up.
This songs for you

Just for you - William Tell

Here I am, Just for you...
Steph, SOS

hey all, i`m actually going to be quitting this blog. steph will be taking over for me from now on. sorry all!!!

...APRIL FOOLS! i love you all; hope your april fools day was awesome!


roxanne said...


my roommate is obsessed with him, as well. she is constantly pulling up pictures of him for my other roommate and i to swoon over. good times.

in all honesty, though, i'm more of a jim sturgess kind of girl, myself.

a side order of style said...

I have enough love for James, Jim, Ryan Gosling, Gasspard Ulliel... just sooo much love

Anonymous said...

aaah this guy was in Becoming Jane, so so fetching...!

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