Monday, December 7, 2009

Mix Monday: Exam time

It's exam time, so as per usual, I find myself compelled to post. Sharing some bearable little Wayne songs. Yeah, I'm aware he calls himself "lil" Wayne, but I'm going to keep it on the real and spell it little - Just because he has chosen the path to sounding ridiculous, doesn't mean I'll resort to such things (unless I was roll'n in the dolla billz to0). So, does he call himself little cause biggie was taken? Or is it truly just descriptive? What am I missing?

Can't stop partying Ft. Little Wayne - Weezer (official site)
Stuntin' Like My Daddy in Beverly Hills - Weezer vs. Little Wayne (official site)
Robo Tussin ft. Little Wayne - Flying Lotus (myspace)
I feel like dying ft. Little Wayne - Flying Lotus (myspace)


Grace said...

Hah! Great blurb. I never understood the excess of 'lil' in the rap world. If I was going to be a big time superstar I'd want a large than life name, like Gargantuan Grace. Although, that also isn't ideal.

Love Grace.

Secret Agent said...

HAHA. It's funny how Lil Wayne kept the "lil" when Bow Wow dropped it when he turned... wait, how old is Lil' Bow Wow? I always picture him as being 12 still. Good luck on the exams, I have finished!

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