Friday, October 9, 2009

They spent 79 million on what?!

So on this lovely Friday, Nasa has scheduled to crash a rocket into the moon. Yeah this is no joke, It's Science. They're hoping to figure out whether the moon has ice in its perpetually dark craters. Ok, don't spaz, the rocket isn't going to blow up the moon or anything. The rocket was made to mimic a natural asteriod that hits the moon on a reg. It'll leave a 2meter deep hole in an already swiss-cheese-like-moon.

Initially I was fine with this. These Nasa nerds have been itching to know whether the moon had water on it for ages, fair enough. But to spend 79 Million U.S Dollars for a fucking science experiment is just whack. I mean it's not even a cool science experiment, it's a 2 meter hole in the already shot up moon! Let's just agree that it's made out of cheese and hand me over the money. I bet I could barter for a small country for that price.

Tunes you'd never catch me listening to on the moon:
(it would be just too tacky, and all the cheese martian men would just make fun...)

Behind the moon
- Matt Costa(official site)

My Moon My Man - Feist(official site)

Paper Moon - The Modern Society(Myspace)

Me and the Moon
- Something Corporate (official site)

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Grace said...

And they say we are in a recession....

Love Grace.

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