Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who knew?

Yesterday nat attack, our friend Anna and I ventured out to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) for the first time. Once we entered we were totally blown away by the overall beauty... of the guys that were there. I mean sure the art work was beautiful and what not, but the phenomena of freaking gorgeous guys left, right, and center, is just something worth mentioning. AND the real beauty here is that you don't have to be caking it like betty crocker to enjoy the luxuries of such wonderful eye candy because the AGO is free after 6 on Wednesdays. I mean WHO KNEW? Seriously who ever withheld the info on the whereabouts of such massive amounts of hot fellas should suffer for the sin of hording them all.

Ok well that's just something to think about. Here are a couple infield pictures of us. Would have taken pictures of some of the art but nat attack was super paranoid that we'd be kicked out if we did.


Anonymous said...

nat sucks at taking pictures... so much for "I don't want any people in it!"

Nat-attack said...

haha thanks anonymous, i will smack yo behind, next time i see you

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