Sunday, May 3, 2009


I have had an experience similar to what most religious groups call enlightenment. It started during a very cloudy dark day, as i was walking back from a long day of........okay NOT....actually no where close. So the actual story goes with me reading this article on my laptop and out of no where i stumbled on these gorgeous purses and what not....and as usual they are beyond the price range of my affordability....but WAIT.....they are not for purchase....these purses are from this website that allows an individual to RENT it out....obviously you have to link in your credit card digits...and then you either become a member or remain a guest...but can rent out your favourite EXPENSIVE/FLASHY blingging purses...and wait there is more....sunglasses, jewelry, watches and all other little things. Its either montly rentals or weekly, depending on how much you want to change around your purse and lets say you fall in love with a can 'steal' it...not literally but like purchase it. I am going to give it a try, i was too excited so had to share.

(p.s. yes i bet i am the last one to know about this, but as usual i like to share with everyone, what everyone already knows...ha).
(p.s.s. i am sure that jeffree star didnt rent his chanel, but he looks pretty with it, and it looks good with this post lol)


Gracie said...

You aren't the last to know my dear! At least not anymore.


Anonymous said...

I think it was On SATC Movie.

juliet xxx

roxanne said...

haha jennifer hudson delivered a cringe-inducing endorsement in the sex and the city movie. an intriguing idea, nevertheless - be sure to keep us posted on how it turns out!

withasianstereotypes said...

I don't know if I could ever rent my chanel I'd miss it too much when it's gone haha. + As accident prone as I am I'm sure it would be the death of my card. Love the idea though just not for me haha. + Post below/your hair is ten times better than katie holmes.

KISS, China L.

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