Friday, April 17, 2009

Like Woah

OK so this is pretty much the behind the times blog (at least my portion). I'm just not that hip... Like when I heard the Ben Folds take on Bitches aint shit like 2 months ago I professed from the roof tops how hilarious it was and had people screaming back, Its been 2-going-on-3-fucking-years get over it... Well yeah to keep in spirit with something you've probably seen before. A throwback of Dita in highschool. I mean shittt who would have thought she'd grow up to be a burlesque slice of sex?

Ben Folds - Bitches aint shit (Dr. Dre Cover)


Juliet said...

Well she was very beautiful even before that transformation.

juliet xxx

Pixienish said...

Aww, she's gorgeous both ways. :)

Nancy said...

She was still pretty bad-ass back then. Look at that gauge and her mesh shirt!

Anonymous said...

wow... well its news to me at least haha. she was still hot back then!

ps. i also haven't heard that cover... so really you're like a millennium in front of me news wise hahah

Ivania said...

he looks sooo cute though with that blonde wavy hair!... she could almost pass for a pretty swedish blogger haha

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