Saturday, January 31, 2009

Who would have known???

So yesterday as i was watching gossip girl online, (aka i am a loser since i am too busy to actually watch it on tv and too cheap to rent it) anyway back to story, i was letting the episode load and i was doing a tiny research on the characters....and guess what i found out?!?!?!

(The filthy youth)

His parents know him as Ed Westwick, but whatever, In bed I know him as Chuck Bass. I mean I already found him oh so enticing as Chuck in GG but after finding out about him and his band AND how good they sound. Well heels are now over head and I'm ready to do the freaky shit with this stunner. Have a listen, you might find yourself in the same frame of mind after a go.


LML said...

oh i need to listen! i love myself some chuck bass!

Juliet said...

omg, thank you for that!

juliet xxx

Annie said...

because im a stalker hahaha i saw during first season. i adoreee that guy. also i like the white background.

Cakemaster said...

I love Chuck Bass, but I don't really like the music. They're a bit mediocre =/ I am disappointed. new episode tonight, though!

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