Tuesday, January 6, 2009

As I am back at school, I figured it would be fitting to start a new feature at the blog - semi-regularly blogging about artists and designers I think people should know about. Being a design student, I thought it would be fitting anyway.

To start off, I thought it necessary to pay tribute to the incredible Nicole Johnston of Kill Margot. She's no Andy Warhol (yet), but Steph and I both adore her.

I'm really a fan of how she represents women, especially in a society where depictions of women are most commonly objectifying. Nicole aims to depict women in a way that is not objectifying, and instead, her depictions are often awkward or somewhat unflattering representations of people she knows and finds beautiful. Pretty much, she does a fantastic job of making beauty strange instead of making it sexy. I especially like her collage and mixed media work. And come to think of it, it must be pretty cool to be a talented, recently out-of-college artist and be a big part of a pretty cool "indie" scene, with people who frequent your website and look out for your art.

Oh, and her wit (evident in her art and throughout her website) is awesome to boot.


Maverick said...

Wow, she's brilliant!! Love all of her work! Great post :)

x. mav

Juliet said...

Photographs and image manipulations? paintings? What it is that she do?

juliet xxx

Girl next blog said...

Funny pics!
I didn't know this photographer. Her work's so great.


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I hope school isn't being too tough on ya. good idea on the feature, I love this stuff.

iƱaki said...

Those are utterly wicked!


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