Thursday, December 4, 2008

so instead of studying...

i have an exam at 11:30AM.

but uhm...instead of studying (STUDYING! BAH! who does that?), i`m searching for a new phone.

yes, i realize i have a phone already - my beloved baeley, my motorola Q9H - but baeley`s broken. not necessarily to the point of unusable, but with a broken spacebar, it makes typing very hard. & we all know i love text messaging (if you don`t know that, you should know that).

so i`m searching for a new smartphone.

my best friend wants me to get a blackberry, which i would do, but of blackberries, i really only like his phone - the bold - & i don`t necessarily want to get the same phone as him. so what to do? what to do?

tell me, readers, what should i get?



Lump said...

I stick by my iPhone. I would make love to it. ;)

Fashdance said...

My poor phone was accidentally dropped in a bowl of soup and I am also looking for another phone.

My cousin has the iphone loves it but hates at&t.
My bro has tmobile and the G1 and loves it, although I think the G1 is kind of bulky.

I was actually looking at the bold or the storm, leaning towards the bold. Let us know what you decide :)


haha i do the EXACT same before exams...... soo badd :( i can never study!!!

Savvy Mode SG said...

well, you don't know it by now then it's too late.

withasianstereotypes said...

I would get either a different color version of his phone or spring for an iphone I adore mine. Hope you solve your phone issue baby.


i.d. said...

I've had a Motorola RAZR for years and I love it! Let us know what you end up choosing. :)

Nemerae said...

I like touch phones like the LG Viewty (like mine haha) or the new Samsung..
About your comment in my blog, ype haha, you're right! xD 500 pairs of jeans is too much, and I'm sure she has some of then repeated haha

Couture Carrie said...

Get the iPhone!

Good luck on the exam :)


Juliet said...

I could use a new phone too.

juliet xxx

skinnyGLASSESgirl said...

the android by google. it's rad

jae said...

lump - :O make love? scandalous.

fashdance - i`m leaning towards the storm too.

charmaine - it`s so uncool to study! haven`t you heard? slacking is in.

savvy mode sg - i should use that next time hahah thx

withasianstereotypes - i might just get the same phone & a different skin, who knows?

i.d. - my ex had a razr & it wasn`t my kinda thing. but it was a pretty okay phone though.

May Kasahara said...

I have the Bold - and I am in LOOOOOOOOOVE

jae said...

nemerae - i`m not big on touch phones, so i dunno...hmm.

couture carrie - well, we`ll see. thanks for the good luck wish:)

juliet - yeahhhh i think everyone wants a new phone. it`s that season.

skinnyglassesgirl - i wish but i don`t know where to get it here in canada.

may kasahara - i want the bold :O

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