Friday, December 12, 2008

re: blogging hiatus (aka where has jae gone?)

yes, i am on hiatus. this is just a quick blog i`m firing off while sitting lonely at sheridan trafalgar campus, waiting for the boyfriend to finish an exam.

i`m not sure when i`m going to return to blogging. i absolutely will return, only because you can`t keep me away for that long, but whether i return to a bit of jae & my private livejournal ONLY or whether i return to side order as well...that`s something i`m pondering.

truth is, loves, though i do/did have a great time with the girls of SOS, i feel as though it`s time to let go. out of fear of not being able to get it off the ground, i started the blog with steph because teams work better & i wasn`t sure if i could handle it on my own. & look where SOS is now! it`s so much better than i imagined - four girls all blogging on one blog, & with an awesome layout & photos & music &`s totally a blogger`s dream. however, having been with the team for almost a year, i`ve found that it`s reached one of those times where things need to branch. i need to leaf. (sorry, couldn`t help myself...branch..leaf...okay never mind.)

no, we did not have a giant bitch-fight about anything. & no, i still love the girls of SOS dearly.

so that`s where my hiatus comes in. i`ve still got myself to figure out & obviously i haven`t been blogging for a while already & i thought i`d just make it more official that i`m on hiatus from blogging.



simply.steph said...

you'll always be a part of aSOS, dontchu forget it.

deep_in_vogue said...

everyone gets to a point where they need to grow, take another direction, it's only natural

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