Monday, December 1, 2008

It's catchy.

Hilary Duff. Yes, that's right, her. The former Disney pop princess has a new look and I'm kinda loving it. The sound is channeling Britney, the look Madonna or Gwen. I'm not complaining. She doesn't exactly look at her best, but I appreciate the change in image for sure.

Since I've heard the song, the chorus has been ringing in my head non-stop. I even enjoy the mix with the rapper on the track - something that her successor (Miley Cyrus...) definitely would not be able to pull off.

Hilary Duff - Reach Out




Ariella said...

I've never liked Hilary Duff much, but this song is definitely a positive surprise!

hrose said...

i actually don't mind this song, but i've always been a bit of a hil duff closet fan.

she looks like my best friend, soooo much it's scary.

thanks for the comment! i'm so glad to be back. and you should really check out the books if you're into the 1920s, they are just such incredible fun.

Juliet said...

I liked it too. The styling and whole outview was great.

juliet xxx

Ess Elsie. said...

Not gonna lie, there are nights where I go on Hilary Duff youtube rages, listening to all her old music from the past like three years. Not my favorite, but still, new Hilary Duff song, so can't complain!

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