Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I haven't posted anything in ages upon ages, for which I apologize. But I'm sure, dear blogworld that you've been quite content with our fantastic guest posts from the CMOG guys, right? Oh, and Steph's recounts of various concert experiences. My absence can really only be blamed on not being able to measure up, especially with Steph's recollection of the absolutely amazing Metric concert experience. Surreal, for serious.

Anyhow, I've been spending my non-blogging time working my ass off and perusing through the ever-addictive So uh, feel free to check out my Lookbook!

As proof, a combination of my latest past-times:

I'm far too dressed up for my minimum wage retail job. As you can see also, I tried the ripped tights look. I'm liking it, except you can't see the way-too-big rip at the back of my leg which was supposed to be the finishing touch, but turned out to kill the tights. Oh well, I'll attempt it again another time.

Oh yeah, and after working 9 to 5ish shifts, I've habitually been trekking downtown to finish Christmas shopping. Can you believe it's over already?

What was your favourite Christmas gift/Boxing day find? And while we're at it, got any New Year's resolutions lined up?


Nicole said...

Hey There! Love the outfit, especially the shoes. Fav Gift: Dress Form, circa 1970. New Years Res: To drink more water and cut back on the "F" bomb. Hearts, Nic!

Anonymous said... you are caught up in this Destroying Black Tights Fad starting a "Save Black Opaque Tights from Destruction" campaign ..its all about "stop ripping Black Tights" before we kill them all please feel free to sign the petition and do not rip anymore Black Tights.

Juliet said...

Oh, great job with the tights! It's quite hard.

Happy new year 2009!

juliet xxx

chocandcinnamon said...

Nice outfit!
Happy 2009 :D

Annie said...

lol i dont have any fav gifts and didnt boxing day shop...altho i guess for boxing week there was a bag i swear we had no more of..that i got for 29$ plus half off....that i was coveting when it came out soo long ago.
and hmm everyone's all about these ripped tights. i dont get it...mb i need to try it myself? =S

agnes said...

well..... more dressed up for your job= make your boss feel bad abt paying you soo little!!! lol

Best wishes for 2009 !

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