Sunday, November 23, 2008

i`d make a worthy adversary, i`m sure.

in my attempts to TRY finishing the last bit of homework for the semester, i "stumbled" onto lookbook this morning (see how coherent i am?) & found these beautiful beautiful stylish men!

aren`t they hot? aren`t they? *squeeing a little*

i found this awesome & hilarious, as i was wearing just about the EXACT same thing on friday - except my hat is a bright turquoise, & i was wearing dark blue jeans, & my bag is faux-suede & faux-shearling.

(1)these boys are hawt.
(2)this boy must share the same inspirations as me when it comes to dressing. hence, he is hawt.
(3)so is this boy.

i sorely wish to be best friends with a supremely stylish boy, who will indulge me by allowing me to steal parts of their wardrobe to add to my own, but who will also steal parts of my wardrobe because it just fits their aesthetic so.
anyone know where to find me a friend like that?


ps. the title of this post has nothing to do with the post itself.


Ess Elsie. said...

All the boys from France make me want to jump on a plane and fly over there.

My eternal favorite boy:
... from Paris, of course.

Lol, I'm so glad that I have my brother. Stealing each other's clothes is a given. (Hahaha, as a matter of fact, we've been wearing each other's pj's for the past two days.)

Silje said...

Cool outfits!=D

Juliet said...

Very cool and chic.

juliet xxx

Katie said...

There is something endlessly sexy about a man who knows how to dress himself, and who isnt afraid to push the boundaries. I'm tired of the jeans and t-shirt boys, there is more to dressing than that! Seriously, lets go and hunt some down for ourselves I'm not seeing any around where I live! Katie x

jae said...

ess - french boys. yum yum. tres delicieux. ;D i used to steal my brother`s clothes, but now he actually cares if i do.

silje - aren`t they!? :D

juliet - agreed. see, boys can be chic too!

katie - "endlessly sexy". i like that terminology. men definitely need to push boundaries more often. i`m not saying dress wildly & pull a susie bubble on everything they wear, but i wish they would try a little more to be different from everyone else.

Ariella said...

oh, I love what these boys are wearing too... and like you, it's always been a dream of mine to be friends with a fashionable male.

roxanne said...

these guys have the right idea. i feel like it doesn't take much for a guy to put a bit of punch into his wardrobe, but i appreciate it SO much if he does. i often find myself accompanying guy friends on shopping excursions, acting as consultant and concerned friend to their clothing rut. a little effort from everyone involved can definitely improve the male sartorial landscape.

The Dark Bohemiian said...

SURE !! they are

jae said...

ariella - a dream that sometimes i fear will never come true...well, a girl can keep dreaming, right? :b

roxanne - i do the SAME thing, going with boys on shopping trips to help them buy clothes. actually, a lot of my guy friends will ask me to go with them to help them choose things out.

dark bohemiian - they are hot, aren`t they?

cfraisrudy said...

I really love the outfit of the second guy ! To be honnest, I wear the same almost every day : black skinny jeans and black cardigan. I find the association with the "old" camel/brown is very nice.

nv said...

I need to find myself a super stylish, super gay, super hot male-best-friend...Hhaha

jae said...

cfaisrudy - i LOVE his outfit too (i think i`ve overkilled saying that though hahaha). it`s awesome :3

nv - DITTO!!! why are they so elusive?!

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